I left Dave and Harriet and drove from Reno to Mariposa, California.

And arrived at the KoA Mariposa Campground which is about 7 miles from Mariposa.

Checked in, built my tent and headed out to Mariposa downtown to get some dinner at Savoury’s.

The place had wonderful ambience

And very good food.

I sat at the bar during dinner and talked to four British tourists from London who just finished traveling Yosemite: Linda, Vanessa and their husbands Michael and Russell. Had a delightful conversation with Linda and Vanessa.

Also talked to some fire servicemen from Montana but didn’t get their names. After a wonderful dinner I headed back to the campground and my tent. Looking forward to seeing Yosemite tomorrow.

It was a beautiful moonlit night. I enjoyed staring at the clouds and the selective collection of stars beyond.

The drive from Reno to Mariposa was long and a little tiring especially with the Saints game loss. Once I got into Mariposa and to my campground I was relatively happy the driving was over ‘for the day’. The Mariposa facility was awesome however the staff weren’t very enthusiastic or welcoming. They were like robots serving you. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. The British couples and Montana fire servicemen I met were a breath of fresh air and fun to talk to in the evening. I like when you can connect with total strangers that you will unlikely meet again but the moment you spend with each other is a memory forged forever in your human experience. I’m ready to take on Yosemite National Park tomorrow.

Expenses: $177.44
Camping: $108.00 (for 3 nights with a discount)
Gas: 33.87
Gas: 6.00
Dinner: $29.57 (delicious)