Got up early and drove to Yosemite National Park.

Drove and started to see the beautiful mountains and scenery inside of the Yosmite Valley.

Stopped by at various points to get some pictures

I decided to drive towards Glacier Point and on the way there went through some tunnels.

I first hit Washburn Point.

While at Washburn Point I see some deer running across the road.

And others hanging out in the forest.

I drive some more and get to Glacier Point.
The views from here are spectacular – especially of Half Dome.

There is a fire beside Half Dome.

You can see the smoke and also the helicopters trying to put it out.

I walk around the various viewing locations of Glacier Point.

And then get back into the car and drive towards the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. On the way there you see a few meadows.

I stop, park and walk through the Pioneer Yosmite History Center

Ranger Patrol Cabin back in the day.

Powder House Jail.

I think our current jails are a better upgrade.

Probably bigger than a current size jail cell.

Walked through an old barn.

And to the visitor center to inquire if I can get any tickets to walk Half Dome in the next few days. Half Dome is closed because of the fire nearby.

Then I wait for the bus to pick me up towards the Mariposa Grove of Sequoias.

All aboard!

These kids have a serious death wish. I literally saw them trying to get closer.

I get to the start of the Mariposa Grove path. Should take about 3-4 hours of walking to get to Wawona Point.

Time to start

Look at those roots.

Walking through some Giant Sequoias.

Fire Damaged

But still surviving.

Almost looks like a human being burned.

That is how tall it is in comparison to us.

Different views of trees.

Tree huggers were spotted

And then I continue on…

I continue on the trail.

And then I find the Famous Fallen Tunnel Tree.

I continue on to Wawona Point.

And finally get to the top.

And see the various viewing points

Just amazing views

After spending about half and hour up top I head back down.

Catch a squirrel in the act of getting an acorn. He or she sees me and stops and decides to run away.

Then he/she comes back for a second attempt.

I continue walking and make some new friends from South America. Miguel from Peru and Paula from Argentina. On the way back down we see some deer.

Miguel and Paula and I share a picture before I get on the bus.

On the drive back I stop by the epic viewing point and see the beautiful mountains again.

Time to drive back home to my tent, but first a trip around the valley to see the sights.

I arrive back on my campground, shower change and go to downtown Mariposa for some dinner. I stop by a restaurant called 1850 which was recommended by the Visitors Center.

I get some burgers and a glass of wine. They are good but not great.

As I am finishing up my dinner I literally see Dave and Harriett walk in the door and it is a surprise. I had intended to meet them today but couldn’t really connect with them because of the ‘wonderful’ cell service and there they show up. Unbelievable!
After their dinner I got some dessert with them and it was absolutely horrible (sarcasm).

Time to head on back home.

Driving and seeing Yosemite was a little difficult after the long drive the previous day. But after seeing the sites I was amazed. It was truly beautiful. There is so much to do in Yosemite. I love walking through Mariposa Grove and glad I walked up to Wawona Point. There were so few people up there. Seeing the fires from the binoculars was awesome and sad at the same time. But then after my trip running into Dave and Harriet was great because I got to see familiar faces and share stories of our adventures.

Expenses: $38.46
Snacks: $3.62
Dinner: $25.00
Dinner: $9.84