I wake up in the morning. Ah the tent! One more day done, Three more to go!!

The campground. I get out of this ‘friendly’ place tomorrow.

I go to the Happy Burger Diner to get some greasy breakfast.

And to read the local paper.

Ohhhhh I’m full after this!

And I head out to Yosemite National Park again.

The smoke from the fire near Half Dome has spread with the wind and everything on the drive is hazy.

I decide to drive through Tuolumne Meadows and enjoy the scenery and then head over to a small man made sulphur spring hot tub overlooking the mountains that my friend Ferrell Alman suggested.

The scenic views of the valley are beautiful.

Smoky Half Dome

I love the stone mountains.

I stop by Olmsted Point to get the other view of Half Dome.

And continue the beautiful drive

I stop by Tenaya Lake and it is gorgeous.

I love the reflections of the mountains in the lake. I can’t imagine how perfect of a reflection they would be without ripples in the lake.

The Tuolumne Meadows and the mountains in the background.

I pull over at this small area in the road and the view is just eye candy.

I exit the park.

And drive through another valley.

I finally get to the destination (or what I think is the destination). The directions were:
From the Yosemite Mammoth Lakes area take US 395 South towards bishop. Turn left on Benton crossing road (there will be a green church on the corner of this intersection). After you cross the second cattle guard, take a left on the dirt road and drive about a quarter mile to parking area.

Well that appears to be a parking area, and I did pass two cattle guards after the green church.

Positive sign, right?

Where the heck is this Sulphur Spring? I see people walking in the distance but it is a mile away not a couple of yards, and as I walk towards it I realized there is a fence. So I head back to the car.

Drive away, and then cross over another cattle guard, make a left and find a legit parking lot and a path. Note to self three cattle guards… however in Ferrell’s defence the first cattle guard was actually after the turn and before the church… so that could have been what he meant.

And a few hundred yards away …

Is the sulphur spring.

There is a group of women from Switzerland sun bathing. I get a dip in the pool and it is nice, warm and feels great. I enjoy a great conversation with Ariane, Patrica, and her sister Manuela whom everyone came to see and then Valentina. They too are doing a short road trip until they go back to Switzerland.

After a good time in the sun and pool we head back to our cars. Great suggestion Ferrell!!

I drive back and re-enter Yosemite and drive back the same path to Mariposa.

I decide to eat at the other restaurant that the Visitors Center suggested: Charles Street Dinner House.

The ambience was great. I texted Dave and Harriet and they would get there in about 30 minutes.

I got the french onion soup

And some chicken and pasta

And when they showed up it was just great company to have and talk about our experiences.

Then I went home back to my tent. Tomorrow I pack up and head towards Kings Canyon National Park.

I really didn’t feel like doing anything today. Just really wanted to rest, so I decided to sleep in longer as much as I could and take some time at a big breakfast. I’m glad I did because after that I was ready to take on Yosemite. The drive through the meadows was beautiful but the highlight of the day was the journey and story to the man made sulphur spring pool and the unexpected company and great conversation with the Swiss women. And then hanging out with Dave and Harriet again in the evening. It is always awesome when you get to share road experiences with friends.

Expenses: $84.70
Breakfast: $31.00 (Happy Burger Diner)
Gas: $44.00
Dinner: $31.00 (Charles Street Dinner House)