I get up and pack my tent and head out. As I’m driving I realize that I am going to be going through Fresno so I text my friend Chris Healy and ask him about suggestions for breakfast places in Fresno and he suggests Jus Jo’s Country Kitchen in Clover (near Fresno).
So I head there.

Ha… I think I am going to like this place.

Breakfast is served.

And then I see this game and I cannot help myself.

I then get to my KoA campground in Visalia and it is amazing. Service is excellent, however the campground is in a residential area and I found ants on my tent. But not too many.

After talking with the KoA attendent, I got great advice about visiting Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. They are linked and joined as well.

So today I decided to drive through Kings Canyon National Park.

Decided to walk through The Grant Tree Trail.

Wow a giant sequoia that you can walk through.

Friendly faces.

I stopped by the Panoramic Point Trailhead.

Walked a little.

Amazing views of Kings Canyon.

Then I began the drive to the valley.

The road was long and windy, but the views of the mountains as I drove to the base was amazing.

Getting closer to the base of the valley … you can see the river.

I reach the end where the wildnerness trails begin.

After a couple of pictures I head back. The road again is looooong and windy.

But the views are great!

I go to downtown Visalia and get a bite to eat at a very sketchy bar. And then head home back to my tent.

Two more nights in a tent and then I sleep tentless. I cannot wait.

Kings Canyon is truly for hikers but the drive to get there is extremely long. There are other parts like the Grant Trail which can be enjoyed by the average person but I may have to come back to Kings Canyon to do some overnight hiking and camping. Visalia was a unique small town. Lots of crops and the people at the bar I went to was extremely sketchy. Toothless latino and a pothead Caucasian who wouldn’t stop talking to me. I was quite uncomfortable but sometimes you have to experience that discomfort. It is the other side of life that sheds prospective on the good stuff.

Expenses: $100.28
Campground: $54.84
Breakfast: $7.54
Snacks: $8.08
Dinner: $19.16
Supplies: $10.66