Got up early in the morning, packed up my stuff and headed to Los Angeles. It would be about 3-4 hour trip depending on how fast (or slow rather I drove). I arrived and parked outside Ferrell’s home and was greeted by him and his girlfriend Koral.

I met Ferrell in Lexington, Virginia when he was studying at Washington & Lee (W&L) Law. We got to know each other well during the New Orleans Saints Superbowl run. He is from Mississippi and is also a die-hard Saints fan. He started dating Koral in Lexington and she as also a student a W&L Law and I got to know and hang out with them a lot in their final year in Lexington. Both of them are incredibly intelligence and doing very well in Los Angeles.

After arriving in L.A. we head out for lunch at Cafe Gratitude.

It is a wonderful restaurant focused on positivity and gratitude. Just check out the menu.

Ferrell and Koral having a goofy moment. I love the painting in the background.

Delicious Organic Chocolate Stout beer.

I love these guys!

I got the ‘Bountiful’. OMG!

After a fantastic treat for lunch, we head out for a touristy drive around Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills and the Palms trees.


Chinese Theater

I am glad I didn’t really walk through these places. It was very very touristy. I preferred the quick drive through and fast scenic tour. Fast in LA is relative with all the traffic around.

After we got back to Ferrell’s home at had a few Koral made cocktails. She could easily make a great bartender if she got tired of working at law.

Check out those monogrammed glasses … oooh. I feel like royalty.

Later in the evening we Ubered to downtown Los Angeles. Yes I used Uber as a verb.

We went to a whiskey bar called Seven Grand.

Got a round of wonderful whiskey. Ferrell’s was the best choice.

I loved the bar lighting.

After a round we walked over to Blossom Restaurant. Koral had made ‘reservations’ for dinner. Insert happy face here!

The adorable couple … and some PDA. 🙂

Time to eat. Ferrell and Koral treated me to a delicious dinner.

Spring Rolls!


After dinner I was stuffed. But we went to a local brewery: Angel City Brewery.

After getting some beer we played a round of a card game called Phase 10.

During the game I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and notice that the face I am staring at was a past Sigma Nu staff member Diego who I worked with for a period of years in Lexington. Out of all the places I could have gone to in L.A. I run into on this very day and time. Diego mentioned he did a double take when he glanced in my direction as well. It was a great time seeing him randomly on my first day back in L.A.

After the brewery it was bed time. Excited to see what Ferrell and Koral have stored for me tomorrow. Los Angeles – Day 1 has been a fantastic experience already.

I was very excited to get out of camping and see some people I knew (Ferrell and Koral). After talking to them for a few minutes it felt like I saw them yesterday. I am very appreciative and grateful for the lunch and dinner treat and also showing me around Los Angeles. Cafe Gratitude was an amazing experience … definitely a little far out there and I can see how it can be cultish but definitely positive and affirming. Seven Grand was an awesome bar! Just awesome!! And Ferrell knows his whiskey and bourbon! Seeing Diego randomly was icing on the cake. And I cannot wait to play Phase 10 and beat Ferrell … next time.

Expenses: $59.75
Coffee: $1.75 (Starbucks)
Beverages: $52.00 (Seven Grand)
Beverages: $6.00 (Angels Brewery)