Got up early in the morning and drove to Sequoia National Park. 

The sun is still rising.

I stopped by the Visitors Center to see if I could get a ticket to Crystal Cave. The lady I spoke to at the KoA suggested that I go there. I get a ticket and head out to the Cave.

Our first guide talks to us about caves and the perils of walking into a forest of poison oak to get to a cave.

We disinfect our shoes.

I learn about poison oak.

I walk down the trails and by the waterfalls.

We meet our actual guide and he gives us the details of dos and don’ts.

And we begin our journey to the cave.

Final tour checks.

The big spider web doorway

And we are inside.

That is how dark it is.

Our guide switches the light off and talks with a candle. And then he extinguishes it. It is dark and cold.

The cave now with light.

We start to head back to the entrance.

I get caught by the spider web. HELP!!

I leave and drive around.

I get to the Tunnel Log, which is a log you can drive your car through.

I then head to Moro Rock Trail

I get to see more of that after I walk up the stairway.

A view point.

Another view point.

I just walked that. It was a little scary.

Finally at the top

Time to walk back down.

After leaving Moro rock I head out to the Sherman Tree Trail to see the largest tree (by volume) in the world.

And walking

Other tall trees nearby

The Tough Twins

And then General Sherman Tree

I head back to the top and begin to drive towards the junction of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

Stopped by along the way to take some scenic pictures.

And finally got to the campground and showered and changed. Since I am in California I went to an In-N-Out burger and the burgers animal style was delicious. Thank you Jordan for my first In-N-Out experience.

I then decided to get a drink at Buffalo Wild Wings and then watch a movie at the local Regal Theaters. I actually used my Regal Theater card from Roanoke, Virginia and got a free movie for the next movie I watch at any Regal Theater. AWESOME! What movie did I watch?? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 3D. It was entertaining but I would wait for it on DVD. 

Seeing the caves at Sequoia National Park was fantastic. It was my first cave experience in the United States. The experience of being in the dark for sometime when all the lights were switched out was awesome and unreal. Great call by our tour guide. Walking Moro Rock was a definitely a test in fears. Especially standing that close to the ‘drop zone’. I have a fear of falling especially when I get close to the drop point without being tethered to something. The views at the top of Moro Rock were a beautiful sight to see. I could stay there for hours and hours and hours. And finally seeing General Sherman was pretty cool. I couldn’t tell the difference between General Sherman and the other giant sequoias in the area but General Sherman is the largest tree by volume – so maybe that is why. It isn’t the largest tree by length. The walk up from the General Sherman base back to the parking lot was also a challenge. The elevation was significant but gradual and there were warning signs posted about the climb. I put myself into a Camino mindset and tried to listen to my inner self and notice my heart rate and exertion levels as I walked up … and I found my perfect pace where I wasn’t too tired. I have to thank the lady from the Visalia KoA who gave me great suggestions about how to visit the Sequoia National Park. Tomorrow I go to Los Angeles and spend time with my dear friends Ferrell and Koral.

Expenses: $83.00
Gas: $35.00
Parks: $15.00
Dinner: $11.48
Movies: $13.75
Beverages: $7.77