After the devastating outcome of the Saints and Falcons game I needed a cheer up a little. So I headed to the Wus – a guarantee cure for anyone feeling down or miserable.
I met Jordan when he volunteered for Sigma Nu Fraternity and over years we gotten to know each more and more. Over the past two years (this and last) I have spent more time with him and his family and they are really wunderful people.
Upcoming walking in I was greeted by their two daughters with cheers and smiling faces. Game sadness and disappointment GONE!
Then they proceeded to show me their dance recital videos.

Mrs Awesome Mom Shamim made dinner.

And in between I was able to squeeze a picture with some of my favorite friends.

Looking at Shamim’s creation makes me hungry already.

And then throw in some homegrown green and red pepper chilis.

Quote of the day: “You know you are a desi when you eat a raw chili with your food”

Yes, I am eating a delicious dinner surrounded with these beautiful faces … except Jordan. He would be considered handsome, right?

No desi dinner is complete without some rainbow sherbet icecream.

Time to lounge about and watch TV. Catch believe I was watched a couple of episodes of “The real housewives of …” Where is the remote…. change it quickly!!

Quick change of subject: Even her brother Jamil came by and got some left overs. Yeah it was that good.

Shamim has to fly out for work the next day so spending time with her today and now was important. I will get to see Jordan and the girls for the next few days.

It was a Wunderful evening with the Wu’s.

Seeing the Wu’s and staying with them is always a great experience. Their girls are so adorable and entertaining. It was so good to see Shamim, hang out with her, go grocery shopping, and sit down and eat with the family. The small luxuries of life that I miss these days. Jamil keep up with the fitness regiment. You are looking good.

Gas: $40.00