The first thing we all did in the morning is met up at Five O’ Four (504) bar in Hollywood. We got there around just after 9:30 AM. Why? New Orleans Saints play Atlanta Falcons. I love waking up and knowing there is a Saints game on TV and even better is that I am watching it in a Saints bar. 

The place was not fully packed but every table was taken.

And I get a daiquiri for breakfast. And Ferrell lends me his spare jersey.

Shortly before game time the place gets packed.

The Saints score and this lady gets animated.

Geoff … my ex-coworker Sigma Nu friend meet us. And we do a crazy panorama

I feel at home with having these beignets.

The game starts and the Saints score!!

And when the Saints score the party begins.
And when it is hot the mist blows.

However towards the end of the game the Atlanta Falcons win and everything is subdued. We walk away very disappointed and go home. I get my stuff, say goodbye to Ferrell and Koral and head on out to Eastvale.

Watching the Saints game at this bar was fantastic. The crowd was energetic and that one fan (the woman with the megaphone) entertained. I was so happy to watch the game with fellow Saints fans. And the food, drinks and decor and humidity made it feel like New Orleans. Glad I could experience that with not only Ferrell and Koral but Geoff as well. Thank you Ferrell and Koral for three amazing days of L.A. adventure. I definitely enjoyed every moment A LOT!

Expenses: $0.00