Got up in the morning early and drove back to Eastvale. Took a longer nap, and then went out for some errands. Didn’t feel like blogging so I watched some TV. 
Later in the evening Jordan I go out for dinner. This is our last night for bro time!!

Jordan takes me out to the Diamond Bar city area. We to an authentic Taiwanese restaurant: Bull Demon King Cafe (BDK Cafe).

I get the menu and look at Jordan. He has been talking to me about the Beef Noodle Soup. He says the Hell version comes in 5 levels and Shamim has tried #2 and thought it was too spicy. So to play it safe and take the challenge I order spicy level 1.

But first we get the appetizers which are amazing.

And here is my spicy level 1 beef noodle soup. I am not kidding when I say this, but it is really unbelievably tender and delicious beef. And yes it is spicy too.

But I clear away the bowl with no problems and no water. After a fattening people Jordan and I walk around Best Buy and Walmart to return and buy some new computer supplies. Plus we need the walk before our massage.

After leaving the stores we head over to the Taiwanese Massage Center. I have been here before and these guys are good.

My massage room.

1 hour later I feel awesome. Time to eat some more … there is little room but the heart is willing. So Jordan takes me to the Guppy House in Chino Hills: Another restaurant that specializes in Taiwanese desserts.

Beans and shaved ice. It is actually quite good.

And Guppy Brick Toast layered with Chocolate and Caramel. It was more than what I could eat and absolutely calorie gorging.

And strawberry shake with boba.

Jordan and I before I crazy consumption attempt.

Fattened and full we pack the left overs and go home. Time for bed. Taiwanese food day with Jordan was an absolute treat.

Tomorrow I head out via Big Sur to San Francisco to work a short 12 day contract with the 3 Monkeys.

6 hours hanging out with Jordan was fantastic. We talked about LA, our lives, future plans, and other things. Thank you for the amazing treats of dinner, massage and dessert. I kid you not that hell beef noodle soup was unreal. I will come back to eat some more and hell spicy level 2 or 3. I am determined to reach #5 and maybe even get my photo on the wall with the challenge. LOL.

Thanks again Jordan, you are an amazing fraternity brother and more importantly friend. Thank you for being so generous and giving.

Expenses: $96.48
Coffee: $2.75 (Starbucks)
Supplies for Computer: $93.73 (Walmart)
– 6ft iPhone cord
– Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter
– Portable Speaker