The next morning I got up and went to get my brakes looked at again. 
They didn’t feel right when going up and down the hills. Since I got them installed at Midas in Nashville, Tennessee, I went to a Midas store in Corona and got them looked at and replaced for free.
I spoke to the store owner Boris and it turns out that he has a brother and son who are connected with Virginia Military Institute (VMI). His brother is a graduate and his son is currently a freshman (aka rat) at VMI. Crazy small connected world.

After my car gets fixed I head over to Malibu to see my friend Chad. I first met Chad in Roanoke, Virginia through mutual friends. He moved to the Los Angeles area and now works for Pepperdine University and I wanted to see him since I was in the Los Angeles area.

I drive through the Pepperdine campus and meet him at the TAC center.

After an elevator ride I hug this adorable teddy bear.

Chad had a work meeting coming up so I ventured out to see the Wave of Flags: a 9/11 Memorial.

But first the duck pond and the woman feeding them.

When I drove up to Pepperdine University it was amazing to see all the flags spread across the university lawn. Each flag respresented the national flag of the citizen lost.

There is the Indian flag standing amongst the great red, white and blues.

It was such a great memorial. I walk up to the top of the hill and get a panorama of the flags the pond and the ocean.

I visit the library for a while and get some blog posts done. After Chad’s meeting is over I revisit him at desk.

And chat, laugh and crack jokes with his co-workers: Dennis, Hannah and Avista.

There are all lovely energetic people and are also powered by M&Ms.

And cupcakes.

After work Chad and I head out to Duke’s Malibu.

We enter the Barefoot Bar @ Dukes Malibu.

The bar is awesome. Right next to the ocean and you can see and hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the rocks.

And we get some tacos.

Next up we drive to Culver City where he lives and go to one of the local bars in the area: Bigfoot West

Celebrating again!

Chad’s roommate Melissa joins us too and she is great company.

Time to get goofy!!

We go to a burger joint called Father’s Office.

With sit down with a group of strangers and they are extremely friendly.

Order a burger. And by the way they do not allow any substitutions or modifications to their burgers.

Medium rare… yes!! It was in the top two burger places I have ever eaten at. The other was the Boise Fry Co.

And time for some specialty beer.

Time for one more bar: Backstage … And little too divey.

One last picture and we head home.

Chad and I are excited about tomorrow’s breakfast. Apparently Melissa loves to make breakfast for people.

The drive to Malibu from Eastvale was tedious and frustrating: traffic. But now I know what LA traffic is like. When I got to Malibu the drive became much more pleasurable due to the ocean view. And then driving by the Pepperdine University – Wave of Flags was not only a pleasurable experience but very moving to think of 9/11 and all the lives lost.

Seeing Chad as awesome. He is such a wonderful spirit. Meeting his co-workers was cool. Such a great environment to work and wonderful people he has around him. Thank you Chad for showing me around Malibu and Culver City. Such a great adventure and fun times. The burger place was off-the-hook. I still remember how good that Father’s Office burger tasted. Nom nom nom!

Expenses: $85.93
Dinner: $33.93
Beverages: $30.00 (Bigfoot Lodge West)
Beverages: $22.00