Got up in the morning and said goodbye to Shamim.

Later in the morning I drove to the local Starbucks to see my new friend Bill. My friend Ellie from Lexington, Virginia contacted her friend Bill when I needed a place to stay in Madison, Wisconsin. Bill and I clicked instantaneously when I stayed with him in Madison. So when I heard he was in the area we planned to meet up at a local Starbucks.

We took some pictures and texted it to our mutual friends Ellie and Paul. Bill and found me a place to stay (a 1935 restored wooden boat: The Afton) in Seattle with Paul.

After catching up a little we decided to go check out the Mission Inn Spa & Hotel. My friend Jordan who I am staying with recommended that I visit it once and Bill is an architecture geek so he would absolutely love it as well.

We drive and park and find interesting effigies across the street.

Getting closer.

There she is: the Mission Inn.

We enter the hotel.

Photos of Presidents on the wall.
Apparently there are tours for the Mission Inn but rather than pay $13.00 for the Mission Inn Museum tours we ask the hotel front desk if we can roam around and check things out.

A restoration in progress

An unconvered brick wall.

A safe.

The dome.

Look at those old doors.

The courtyard. It is really gorgeous.

We walk up to the upper levels and we discover more amazing views and other parts to the building.

A smaller more private courtyard.

Let’s walk down, shall we?

Ah the end…

We decide to take a break, and dine at the restaurant for some late lunch. So we get some overpriced drinks and enjoy delicious ceviche.

After the late lunch I say goodbye to Bill as he is heading back to see his extended family. I head out to Corona and have a reunion with Greg. Greg is a friend I made back in Roanoke when I started the Saints fan club. Over the years we watched many good and bag games together and hung out together afterwards as well. Recently a wonderful woman from Corona came into his life, caught him off guard, took him to California and married him. And yes she (Tina) is wonderful as well.

“I don’t always drink beer with Roanokian Greg Dunn Corona, California, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends.”

Tina and Greg have a wonderful home with a pool and jacuzzi.

Tina gets the grill ready.

And Greg fires away.

Time to meditate

Time to get into the jacuzzi.

With changing water colors. Feeling good!!

Greg and Tina are getting dinner together.

Time to eat.

Greg and I get in the hot tub and talk about Saints, Spurs, Roanoke, life, politics …. Great times talking with this buddy whether we agree or disagree.

After it gets late I pack up and head out back to the Wu’s casa.

Seeing Bill, catching up and sharing the Mission Inn experience was awesome. Listening to him talk about architecture as we walked through the Mission Inn was fantastic. It was also funny to see him walk through it because he was like a kid in the candy store. Great memories.

Seeing Greg and Tina and spending time with both of them was refreshing. We caught up on good and bad times and also I got to know Tina a little better. Greg and I also went back through our texts from 2009 till today to reflect back on funny memories during various Saints and Virginia Tech games. Meeting Tina’s grandchildren were also fun. They were all over me in the jacuzzi wanting me to spin them around and disappear in the water and magically reappear. Amazing times Greg and Tina. Thank you for the BBQ and the invite.

Fun times all day and all night!

Expenses: $18.44
Coffee: $3.70
Lunch: $14.74