Got up in Carmel. I slept in my car and drove to Santa Cruz. It was still early but I found a coffee shop nearby. Thank you YELP!
Then I continued my drive towards San Francisco. On the way I stopped at a local farm because I saw an artifical rainbow produced when the sprinklers and the rays of sunlight collided.

I continue driving up the coast and I see the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the distance

So I decide to take the next opportunity and pull over to the side of the road and take a picture. 

I stop at this small gravel area on the opposite side of the road – since I’m heading North instead of South. Take a few pictures of the lighthouse from afar and then begin to wonder where the gravel road leads. It looks like tire tracks but there is no trespassing sign. And it is bound to connect with the ocean/cliffs so it cannot go that far.

So why not follow it since I’m here already. As I drive I notice that it leads all the way to a small parking area and then there is a trail. So I park and follow the trail to the ocean.

At the end of the trail I see the beautiful view of the ocean, cliffs, the coast the lighthouse, and there is also a bench to sit down and observe and take in this gorgeous view and powerful scene.

I stayed at the location for about an hour and no one comes by. I even meditate for about 20 minutes undisturbed. It was an amazing experience. 
If you are driving up or down the Highway 1, then this is the actual location of that spot and bench. If you zoom in on Google Maps you can actually see the red bench. Ignore the 1 hr 15 min drive… it was me trying to locate the point from San Francisco. As you can see it is very close driving distance to Pigeon Point Lighthouse.
I get back in my car and head out and see a overlook/vista point. I pull over and see these beautiful views. It is unreal and almost looks like a painting.

I continue the drive, and briefly stop at Half Moon Bay. and then arrive in San Francisco.

Driving through the coastline during the day is also rewarding. Eye candy for the soul. I cannot believe my luck finding the spot with the bench. I go back to one of my lessons on the Camino – trusting in your instincts and intuition. And allowing yourself to be lead by it instead of rationalizing it with inner dialogue. I love the drive and looking forward to doing it again in the near future and in the opposite direction.

Breakfast: $7.25 (Coffeetopia)