I drove from San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County and to Mill Valley. I plan to meet up with my friends Bob and Paulette later in the afternoon as I will be staying with them for the night.

Bob has volunteered with the Fraternity and we met each other when I worked for Sigma Nu. I stayed with him and Paulette for two nights on my first trip to Mill Valley a few weekends ago. So this was less of a reunion and more of a “Hey, good to see you again.”

So in the meantime I stopped by the Mill Valley Public Library where Paulette volunteers. I needed to use their wifi to pay some bills, blog, work on my resume.

Later in the afternoon I met up with Paulette and we headed back to the house. Bob was on a plane heading to San Francisco from Lexington, Virginia.

Paulette had picked up some crunchy chick peas that were tasty.

And she starts preparing dinner as we chat.

Bob calls and we head out to the bus stop and pick him up and head back to the house for dinner.

The soup was amazing. I ended up getting a second helping. It was extremely delicious. I told Paulette that whenever I come back to their house I’d prefer to dine in rather than eat outside. I’ll help in any way I can too. The woman has some serious skills in the kitchen. Time to give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

Chocolate ice cream and raspberries. Yes please!!

All of us enjoying wonderful food, wine and company at the dinner table.

Tomorrow I leave to San Francisco to work on a contract job with my friends company 3 Monkeys.

Getting some downtime in the library to purchase Office 365 and work on my resume was good. Chatting with Paulette and watching her take the various ingredients into making dinner insightful. Seeing Bob is always a pleasure. Can’t say enough about what an amazing person he is. Glad to call him fraternal brother and friend. Dinner with the both of them was an absolute treat. These two are just awesome hosts and company. I am so grateful to spend time with them and enjoy their company.

Thank you Bob and Paulette for everything. Also thank you for taking care of my car for the next two weeks while I work for the first time in months in San Francisco.

Expenses: $69.99
Office 365: $69.99