After the Big Sure adventure I decide to drive to the Golden Gate Bridge and walk it in its entirety. I go the bridge entrance in San Francisco, and park my car and feed the meter for 2 hours. 
One of my ex-co workers Jenny from Sigma Nu HQ has always wanted to see the bridge in person since at a young age. I like walking so that inspired me to do not only see the bridge but walk it as well. Experiencing places on a walk is much more slow and different than on a bike or car.
I am amazed I was able to find parking.

There she is in all her fogginess.

Views of the Bridge Pavilion

And then the history lesson begins

After the history lesson I walk over to the bridge.

Now time to walk it.

You can also bike it. It is important to observe the path since you will run into other people and cyclists. Share the road … or in this case the pedestrian path and stay alert.

At the central point of the bridge.

A look at Alcatraz in the distance.

I continue on walking. On the other side away from San Francisco is Marin County.

I arrive in Marin County and take pictures of the bridge from the other perspective.

And then notice a Memorial.

A view of Marin County

Time to walk back to San Francisco again.

There is the San Francisco side.

And now time to drive over into Marin County and hang out with Bob and Paulette in Mill Valley.
I enjoyed the walk on the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Marin County and back. There was a lot of fog but that did not damper the experience. The walk from one side to the other took about 30 minutes for a casual walk. I took my time appreciating the whole experience since I had 2 hours to spend anyway.
Expenses: $2.00
Parking: $2.00 (Golden Gate Bridge for 2 hours)