Got up in the morning, and am feeling much better from my cold. 
I headed to the 3 Monkeys Office. Debriefed with Marc and helped Christian out with some work. Said goodbye to everyone and then hit the road to Mill Valley to see Bob and Paulette via the bus.
Seeing and hanging out with Sigma Nu Grand Historian Bob is always a treat.

We started talking about Sigma Nu History and the Ritual and looked up some stuff in the Ritual book and the Story of Sigma Nu.

I left Mill Valley after a few hours and headed to San Mateo to meet up with an ex co-worker and friend Michael Schamp. I haven’t seen Mike in a while and he was going to be hosting me for a few days.

I arrive a little early and decide to grab a drink at the bar Kingfish.

A few moments, later it is a reunion with Mike.

After a couple of drinks we decide to grab some dinner at one of Mike’s favorite restaurants: Attic which serves Asian fusion cuisine.

We get an assortment of food and decide to share as tapas.

And then after a full belly we head on home, watch a movie and then it is off to bed. Looking forward to a full weekend with Mike. Very excited!


I am grateful for the opportunity to work for the 3 Monkey San Francisco team and it was great to see my old friends and make some new ones. I am even more grateful for the generosity of Bob and Paulette over the past few weeks. They are not only great hosts but took great care of my car while I was working in San Francisco. Cannot wait to see them again in the future. Finally hanging out with Mike was a treat. Thank your for the dinner Mike and a place to stay. The attic was great – minus the chicken wings. They were just okay. 🙂

Expenses: $64.76
Lunch: $12.88
Bus: $5.00 (Golden Gate Transit: San Francisco to Mill Valley)
Tolls: $7.00 (Golden Gate Bridge)
Lunch: $12.88 (Patxi Pizza)
Beverages: $27.00 (Kingfish)