Got up and said goodbye to Mike. Then packed up, got some breakfast at the usual place (Kaffeehaus) and headed to San Jose where I would meet a friend from Dubai later in the evening. 
I found a parking spot and walk around. Turns out I was nearby the Sigma Nu house for Zeta Iota Chapter for San Jose State University.

I continued to walk and decided to stop for lunch at a Mexican restaurant: Agave Mexican Grill.

Got my burrito. It was okay. Nothing special.

And then I headed to Starbucks while encountering a gazillion homeless people asking for handouts. At Starbucks I proceeded to catch up on blogging and finalizing other travel plans across the country.

Later in the evening I met up with my childhood high school friend Ralph who I hadn’t seen in a while until Savio’s wedding in New Orleans in August. I meet him near his place and we drive around to pick up some supplies and we caught up on life.

At his home we chill and relax with his friend and co-worker Patrick.

We head out to get some Japanese food at Kotestsu Ramen in Santa Clara: one of Ralph’s favorite restaurants to eat at.

I ask Ralph to order for me since I just want to try what he recommends and the stuff is really really good.

After dinner we head over back to his place, and they had a late work appointment that I sit in on. Was definitely cool in a geeky way.

After the late appointment was over Richard left. Ralph and I chilled for a bit and then it was bed time. I was planning to get up early and drive the Big Sur route south to San Luis Obispo to reunite with another friend from the past Jamie who I hung out with in Lexington.

San Jose was definitely infested with dudes. Lots of them and homeless people. I was quite annoyed by people constantly asking for money. At one point I pissed off one of the homeless people because he first asked me for 35c and then for a dollar to which I replied I do have one but I’m not giving it to you. For a second he followed me into Starbucks but he was just getting some air conditioning.

Seeing Ralph was great. Catching up with him was awesome. Sharing chocolate treats was also good. however they didn’t have any effect. I am grateful for the wonderful Japanese dinner at Kotestsu Ramen. It was definitely delicious. I think the highlight of my day was watching them work with their counterpart in India on a conference call. The inner geek and science brain was firing all sorts of questions. Thank you for the great hospitality Ralph. Definitely enjoyed your company bro.

Expenses: $28.28
Breakfast: $6.01 (Kaffeehaus)
Coffee: $1.80 (Starbucks)
Lunch: $7.47 (El Agave)
Beverages: $13.00 (Supermarket)