Slept in and then woke up after Mike left for work. Time to venture out in San Mateo downtown. 

I left his apartment complex and walked around the streets looking for a mom and pop coffee shop. The 3 Bees Coffee will have to do.

Sitting outside will have to do. I blogged as much as I could. The coffee was okay but what sucked is that they only had one electric outlet and it was being used.

Around lunch time I decided to try some Korean food – Gangnam Chicken… the name was probably inspired by the popularity of the song: Gangnam Style.

I got the seafood tofu with oysters shrimp and clams and it was delicious. So good and hot perfect for my cold  recovery.

After lunch I decided to walk around more and search for a coffee shop where I could blog and charge my laptop. I was out power.

I found this place called Kaffeehaus.

Found a spot to sit, eat and charge my laptop and iPhone.

To be honest… that looked better than it tasted. Wasn’t all that.

I also noticed a community board of sorts that was electronic. Quite cool on what technology can do these days.
When Mike got back from work, we headed out and met with some of his ex co-workers from Solar City.
The weekend has begun. I decided to drink some German beer for German National Day.

Prost. Chris, Mike and I.

Later in the evening we headed out to an Indian restaurant and American bar called Indian Street Food.

After looking at the menu …

I decided to get the Bangalore Old Fashioned.

Look at that thing of beautiful. As delicious as it looks. A nice twist on an old fashioned.
Cheers to the group!

Mike’s friends: Alex recommended I get the Chicken Tikka Masala Burrito to eat. 

It was definitely Indian spicy and tasty.

Later Mike, Chris, and I continued to bar hope and we went out to Grape and Grain and talked to a few people. And also played some Cards against Humanity.

I love this rubik’s cube. Found myself attached to it for a good portion of the night.

Finally after a few more bars it was time to go to bed.


Definitely getting better and getting this cold out of the way. I loved the Gangnam Chicken place I went to and it was definitely good to catch up on some blog posts. Hanging out with Mike and friends on Friday night was awesome too. It was good to go out and talk to random strangers. Felt like my regular self again. Mike and I am grateful for the company and fraternalism.

Expenses: $80.89
$2.00: Coffee (3 Bees)
$5.13: Dessert (Kaffeehaus)
$13.96: Lunch (Gangnam Chicken)
$24.80: Dinner (Mortar & Pestle)
$24.00: Beverages (Grape and Grain)
$11.00: Beverages (Attic)