I got up early and headed out to the Kaffeehaus and got some breakfast. Mike stayed in an caught up on some sleep.

After he work we met up and decided to burn all those calories we consumed the day before with a hike.

So we head over to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve.

Parking is no problem. There is ample space.

It is always good to take pictures of the map.

We begin the walk through a tunnel.

And hit the Sunny Jim Trail.

We decide to walk around the Horseshoe Loop Trail.


We move on and get to a resting spot and relax for a little.

And then begin to make our way back to the trailhead.

We aren’t afraid of snakes. We love ’em.

As we are walking back to the trailhead we hit a view/vista point called the Gene Sheenan Overlook.

We get back to the traihead and head on home. Time for a short nap and then plan to watch some Giants baseball and some LSU college football at one of the local bars: 3rd Avenue Sports Bar and Grill.

After the LSU game we decide to head out to Palo Alto for dinner at a New Orleans themed restaurant called: Nolas. The Giants baseball game is still going on … damn! Perhaps we will catch the end of it at Nolas.

We arrive at Nolas.

It is truly themed like New Orleans.

I’m eyeing the Bayou Crawfish Boil.

And also eyeing the TV. Can’t believe this game is still going on!

Oooh Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Mike and I get our dinner plates.

That’s my crawfish boil. Everything on the plate was excellent and spiced up except for the crawfish. I miss my authentic Louisiana crawfish. Cannot take that Cajun side out of me.

And after dinner just as we are about to wrap up the Giants WIN!

We head on home stuffed, watched the movie The Way again and are ready to call it a night. A fantastic full day.

Going hiking with Mike was a great experience. Good time to catch up with each other and also talk about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela – my walk in Spain. Watching a full day of baseball and football was also great and topping it off with a San Francisco Giants win with Louisiana food in Palo Alto was icing on the cake. Thank you Mike for showing me around San Mateo, for hiking, for the awesome company and dinner at Nolas. It was pretty close to authentic Cajun food – and definitely good for a California rendition.

Expenses: $43.76
Coffee: $6.01 (Koffeehaus)
Lunch & Beverages: $37.75 (3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill)