Got up early in the morning and since it is Sunday and I’m on the west coast that means the Saints games are at 11 AM. Whoo hooo. Went to the same local bar that we watched the baseball game at: 3rd Avenue Sports Bar and Grill.

Wore my SB winning autographed Saints hat – hoping for a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Got a breakfast burrito, fruit and beer for the game.

There is a small crowd

The Saints game was painful to watch. Around halftime I decided I need to eat some more.

After the win … it shouldn’t have been that close in the Dome … we head out to San Francisco to meet up with Mike’s friends and catch the Patriots game in the evening. Mike is a Patriots fan!

We meet Mike and Kelly at an Irish bar: Dubliner and watch the 49ers game with a few fans beside us.

Then we walk a few blocks away and hit up the Valley Tavern for the Patriots game.

Mike is quite excited that his team is doing really well. He starts bouncing around to different booths of Patriots fans, hi five-ing and celebrating. I totally get his enthusiasm.

Later just after half time we get some pizza. The game is very boring. The Patriots are routing the other team. There should be a MERCY rule.

Mike is also meeting and socializing with some attractive people. It makes for great people watching.

After the game, I drive us back home.


San Mateo with a little dabble in San Francisco has been a great experience with Mike and friends. Tomorrow I head out to see my high school buddy Ralph in San Jose. I am grateful that Mike allowed me to stay for 4 nights. I was quite desperate to find a place to stay for a while since my time working in San Francisco definitely took me out of my travel planning rhythm – and Mike definitely accomodated. It has been a great four days and nights with the Schampion – a great fraternity brother. Miss you already bro!

Expenses: $58.02
Lunch: $35.02 (3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill)
Beverages: $23.00 (Valley Tavern)