Got up early while Ralph was still asleep, got my stuff ready, said goodbye to him and headed out the door early.
Decided to get breakfast and a coffee at Salinas, so I stopped at a Viva Espresso.

Coffee and Oatmeal with banana and chocolate.

Tell me that does not sound DELICIOUS!!!

I continued to drive and stopped by the gorgeous views of the coastline whenever I could.

Sometimes I would walk closer to the cliffs if possible to get a better view.

I saw the Bixby Bridge and pulled over.

Saw a path leading down so I followed it to get a closer view.

I saw the sign for Pfeiffer Beach and decided to stop and view it. Driving down the road.

At the entrance

Parked in the parking lot.

And start walking.

Saw this along the way and thought it was cute.

The beach is wide and far and has many rocks.

The power of the ocean can be felt and seen. I didn’t venture too far in the water but enough to get my ankles wet.

Time to go to the other sides of the beach.

And then I notice the purple sand.

Purple sand scattered everywhere.

Yes, I am standing on it too.

I see the other massive rock and watch how the waves pound it through the center.

Relatively Calm

Not so calm

Time to head back.

And so I leave and drive to the restaurant Nepenthe. The last time I was here it was dark and I just missed the sunset. Today it was all lighted but foggy. Grrrrrr.

Cannot see anything.

Time to move on. I drive towards another State Park: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Pay the parking fee.

And plan to walk to the famous waterfall: McWay Falls.

It is quite a short walk.

Across the small valley are the row of cars where I parked.

The tunnel that leads to the ocean view.

And then one of the two beautiful views.

There is the waterfall: McWay Falls.

I walk a little further and see the second beautiful view.

And now it is time to head back to the car.

And do more driving across the coastline and through tunnels.

Next stop San Luis Obispo and seeing my friend Jamey.

Going down Big Sur from San Jose to San Luis Obispo provided a different perspective. The first time I drove up Day 1 and Day 2 I went from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the reverse is just as beautiful and technically you are closer to the ocean. I also wanted to see the Bixby bridge upclose in the daylight and the Pfeiffer Beach and the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park which are talked about a lot as part of the Big Sur experience.

The only regret was that I paid $10.00 to park at the Pfeiffer Beach and another $10.00 to park at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park where instead I could have parked away from the entrance and walked to it. So if any of  you are reading this blog make a note of that and save yourself that money – unless it is not worth the time to walk.

This is a beautiful country: America the Beautiful.

Expenses: $60.10
Gas: $34.00
Breakfast: $6.10 (Viva Espresso Organic)
Parking: $10.00 (Pfeiffer Beach)
Parking: $10.00 (Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Beach)