Got up in the morning and Jamey made me some coffee.

We lounged about the house, did laundry and then around lunch time we decided to grab a bite at Lincoln Marken & Deli.

I ordered the Pulled Port Banh Mi since it was supposed to have a spicy kick to it.

Definitely delicious.

After lunch I said goodbye to Jamie and began the drive to Redondo Beach. Stopped by at a scenic overlook to appreciate the view.

Finally got to Redondo Beach earlier than planned and decided to head to a nearby coffee shop to get some posts and travel planning done. The first mom and pop coffee shop was closed so I had to resort to Starbucks.

I ended up sharing a table with an awesome young lady: Gigi. She was recently married to Beto and was filling out her thank you cards. Later we began talking about her travels and mine.

After I got a call from my friend Steve I head over to his place. I haven’t seen him since his time at Sigma Nu Headquarters. The last time I was in Los Angeles I couldn’t meet up with him but today was a perfect opportunity to hang out.

After a celebratory beverage we head out to meet some of his friends at a local bar where a band will play later.

It is at Hermosa Beach and the place is called Saint Rocke.

We there during happy hour and I get a really interested beer.

And then some appetizers.

It is one of Steve’s friends birthday: Lisa. Actually the pre-birthday celebration so many of their friends gather for a festive evening.

Fun times with these people!

And the main band rocked. They were really good.

After the concert we head back to the crib. Tomorrow I travel early to San Diego for the first time. Very excited about the opportunity.

So good to hang out with Jamey. The drive to Redondo Beach was relaxed with very little traffic. Connecting with random people in life is awesome (talking about you Gigi at Starbucks). And seeing Steve Cangro and catching up with him and whats going on was great. It felt like yesterday that we saw each other and love it when that happens. Hanging with his friends and Lisa was great too. The main band was awesome and the venue, ambiance, company made for an excellent time with new and old friends. Thank you Steve for the wonderful memory.

Lunch: $20.34 (Lincoln Market & Deli
Gas: $31.55 (Arco)
Coffee: $4.25 (Starbucks)
Beverages: $60.00 (Saint Rocke)