Finally got to San Luis Obispo early afternoon and reunited with Jamey. I’ve known him for a long time during my stay in Lexington, Virginia. He was a professor at W&L and then he suddenly disappeared. Fortunately there was facebook and I managed to get in touch with him after realizing I was going to be passing through.

We walk around town and he shows me the old Spanish Mission from 1772.

Look at the artwork on the streets.

We walk around the town of San Luis Obipso and it is very nice and peaceful.

A bridge to cross over the river.

Another selfie.

We decide to get some drinks at a local brewer: Creekside Brewing.

We sit outdoors and enjoy mother nature and the weather.

And then some IPAs

Love these tiles on the floor.

We walk through downtown and walk to a restaurant called Sidecar.

I get their take on an old fashioned of course

Jamey tells me that they have the best Brussels sprouts he has ever tasted. An when I munch down I cannot describe how scrumptious it is. Seriously if you are ever in San Luis Obispo you must come here just for the sprouts. They are AMAZING!

We also munch down on some fish tacos … which are also good but they are not as amazing as the Brussels sprouts

We bounce to another restaurant called Koberl at Blue. A restaurant that specializes in wine cuisine.

We get some Pinot Noir.

And this.

And after a few more glasses of wine we decide to call it a night and walk on home.

Seeing Jamey was great. It has been a couple of years that we lost contact and we picked up right back from where we left off. I am so happy for him that he has a lot of good things going on in his life. It was good to talk about mutual friends and also Lexington and give him some inside scoop and the changes as far as I remember. Thank you for hosting me Jamey. I thoroughly enjoyed your company, and the Brussels sprouts and the wine. Brussels sprouts were just simply AMAZING. Thank you for dinner at Sidecar. It was an unbelievable experience.

Beverages: $9.00 (Creekside Brewing)
Beverages: $32.96 (Koberl at Blue)