Travel Date: Friday, Oct 10 2014
Kristen recommended I come to Torrey Pines for great views of the ocean, beach, city and get some hiking. I arrive and pay the $12 entrance fee.
I drive up the hill/mountain.

I get to the Torrey Pines Lodge where I can get some hiking maps and visitor information.

The staff are friendly and receptive.

They hand me a map and I begin my Torrey Pines ‘Camino’.

I decide I will first walk to Razor Point.

Ahhhh the ocean!

Got to Razor Point.

The view. A little distorted by the sun and the iPhone image capture.

Time to walk back. Next destination Yucca Point.

The views along the way.

And in no time I’m there.
I love views of the cliffs and the beach.

Next stop is to walk down to the beach and see Flat Rock.

Descending rapidly.

The first sight of Flat Rock. Almost there.

I don’t like stairs. I prefer trails please.

At the beach. The cliffs are tall.

Getting closer.

Beautiful shades and imagery while standing on Flat Rock.

I have a new friend nearby

Flat Rock:

Time to head back to the top. A quick look back at Flat Rock

And the cliffs.

Now heading the Broken Hill Overlook.

Arrived. Ah a broken hill… I get it now.

Look the golf course nearby.

I walk towards it. Damn… no entry.

I catch the road for cyclists and pedestrians and walk by the North and South entrances to Broken Hill.

A little history lesson along the way.

I get to my car. And decide before I head back I should hit the Guy Fleming Trail. So I drive to it, park and begin walking.

A beautiful side to this trail right along the coastline.

After making a turn I head away from the coastline view. And another history lesson.

Beautiful smaller cliffs.

And then I get into my car and jet back to the house. It is just past 5 PM and time to meet up with Ralph and Kristen.

Torrey Pines was a small and nice state reserve. The hike around is very easy. The walk down to Flat Rock is also easy and relatively short. The hike back up was quite easy for me … but I did notice some people struggling. Definitely a very sandy and dusty hike. But the coastline and cliff views are beautiful. Great recommendation Kristen.

Expenses: $12.00
Parking Fee: $12.00