Travel Date: Sunday, Oct 12 2014
Woke up to a Chris Healy breakfast.

We headed out to Little Italy and went a local bar: The Waterfront to enjoy the Chargers game.

And then to walk the streets of Little Italy and enjoy the festival Festa

We begin to listen to the band playing

They were groovy and entertaining.
As we begin to leave I notice two guys stilling down in unique attire and hairstyle.

Look at that hair and that outfit. Remarkable.

Back at the house Chris begins chopping veges for some tacos with his beer and favorite koosie.

Looks quite good.

But tastes better in mouth and feels better in my belly.

And while we eat we enjoy replays and replays of the Green Bay Packers game. Note to self … don’t watch Packers games with Chris Healy especially when they win a close game. Those last four minutes felt like it lasted hours.
Time for bed!
Today was a lazy day. We got up and decided to relax a lot more in Little Italy. The Waterfront bar was crowded but I did manage to talk to a few people and enjoy conversations with total strangers. Walking around the streets of Little Italy was also nice while enjoying the atmosphere of the festival. Watching football with Chris was quite entertaining… actually watching Chris watch football was quite entertaining. But I get it … I am as passionate about the New Orleans Saints as he is about the Green Bay Packers.  The last three days were packed with various activities so the downtime was a nice change of place.
Beverages: $22.00 (Waterfront)