Travel Date: Monday, Oct 13 2014
Got up really early (before sunrise). Chris was going to take me surfing for the first time. 

The boards are setup and we are ready to head out.

I wish I had a water proof camera but I don’t. The waves were a little too powerful for my first attempt at surfing. And unfortunately for Chris it broke his board in two. 😦

After we get out of the water we drive by and watch the other surfers do their thing near the pier.

Then we head back to the house and later I meet up with my friend Lauren at the San Diego Zoo.

After an adventure at the Zoo, Coronado, I meet up with Chris at his office and when he done with work we head out to the softball game he and his teammates are playing.

Chris getting Game Face ON!

Love the sunset at the park

Team meeting and strategy.

Group picture

I attempted a pano and it came out funny but also kind of cool.

Game time.

During one of the innings a ball gets hit and lands on one of the car’s windshield.

Everyone asks around if it was anyone’s car but there is no response. Finally at the close of the game one of the guys from the upcoming team (guy in the orange) begins to question everyone about his car damage.

Unfortunately he expects to be re-imbursed for the damage. It is unfortunate when they don’t read the sign.

Chris’ team wins their game and after ‘The Orange Guy’ incident we all move on. Chris and I head home where his roommate Nate is preparing some dinner for us. ROCK ON!

Nate the grill master in action.

Healthy meal all set.

Ooooh Brussels Sprouts

Time to munch down and watch the Giants game.

And then time for Nate and I really watch some Walking Dead. I finally get to watch it with a fellow fan.

It was a great couple of days with Chris. Cannot thank him enough for his hospitality, generosity, and fraternalism while showing me around San Diego. Had a couple of first time experiences with him especially surfing – or as I would say ‘attempting to surf’.

Special shout out to his super cool roommate Nate for cooking dinner and allowing me to sleep in the guest room. Can’t believe I am leaving tomorrow and wish I could stay longer in San Diego but the road calls and other cities and experiences are waiting. Great sharing a Walking Dead episode with you Nate.

So grateful to Chris, Nate, Ralph, Kristen, Lauren and Ruggero for an amazing San Diego adventure.

Expenses: $4.00
Snacks: $4.00