Travel Date: Tuesday, Oct 14 2014
Got up early and Chris made me a sammich (sandwich) for the road.

Looks pretty good.

See what I mean?

And then I headed out to go to Williams, Arizona via Joshua Tree National Park. Along the way I drove by many windmills.

Lots of them. Great to see us finding alternatives ways to get energy.

Finally got to Joshua Tree National Park.

Waiting in line at the West Entrance Station.

Driving across

Oh Joshua Trees

The moon is in sight.

The view of the park.

I stop and park at one of the stops.

And walk towards the boulders.

Looking back.

That rock is nudged in there.

Feeling like I’m in the movie 127 hours trapped between the rocks.

I get out, and continue to drive on.

More Joshua trees.

Deciding to take a pano while in my car.

More stops along the way.

After a while I get a little tired of driving through the monotony and decicde to exit out of the North Station instead of the Cottonwood Mountains.

I arrive in Arizona. First time I’ve visited this state.

Greaaaaaat. Traffic and being stuck behind and beside two tractor trailers.

I was originally planning to drive to Flagstaff and stay at a Flagstaff KOA but the Williams KOA was closer to the Grand Canyon so I got to Williams KOA unpacked and setup my tent, did some laundry and then drove a few miles into Williams to get some dinner.

Decided to go to the Station 66 Italian Bistro.

I grabbed a pasta dish with some chicken. and talked to the German Couple beside me and then headed back to my tent for some rest.
I am grateful for my San Diego experience. Definitely a plus that Chris made me a to go sandwich. It came in handy. The drive to Joshua Tree National Park was a little long and dull, and I really didn’t like the Joshua Tree National Park. Sort of got bored with it quickly once I drove through portions of it. So I decided to cut the trip short and leave through the North entrance.
Getting to the Williams KoA campground made me appreciate a good campground. Staff were friendly and there was wifi  – not fast but better than nothing. 
The first restaurant I went to attempt to eat at had a wait so I went to the second option nearby and sat at the bar. I got some pasta with chicken since I anticipated that I would be walking down and then up some trails tomorrow. The German couple I was with were fun and great to talk to. There was a language barrier but we shared pictures from each others phones about our experiences and connected.
Not a bad day. Lots of driving but I cannot wait to experience a sunrise at the Grand Canyon. It was recommended by my ‘foster parents’ Mike and Sharyn from Lexington. Cannot wait for tomorrow.. but since I have an hour drive to the Canyon, I need to go to bed early. 
Expenses: $133.38
Gas: $30.32
Gas: $23.55
Snacks: $4.49
Campground: $45.55 (Williams KOA for 2 days)
Dinner: $29.47