Travel Date: Sunday, Oct 19 2014
Got up early as I could and started the drive to Albuquerque. Along the way I saw this beautiful view and mountain and had to pull over and take a picture.

And then it started to rain. I passed the Petrified Forest National Park and was considering making a visit but fortunately the rain resolved that debate quickly.

And after the rain the scenery gets beautiful.


And a rainbow.

Getting dusky.

I finally get to Charla’s house. I was looking for a place to stay in New Mexico, and my friend Chad who lives in Los Angeles knew someone he advised from Roanoke College and hooked me up with her and place to stay. Unfortunately Charla was in the middle of studying for grad school so I quickly said hello to her and talked for a while and then headed out to get some dinner at a place she recommended.

I get to B2B Bistronomy which Charles recommended for great burgers.

This restaurant has Giving Back Sundays where 20% of local sales is donated to an organization. On this particular day they are donating to the Junior League of Albuquerque.

The place is busy.

And get a black burger with the red chili which was really good. Third best burger I’ve tasted in the US. Great recommendation Charla. Now I just have to try something with the green chili since New Mexico is known for its red and green chilis.

Then I get back to the house and watch some TV. Feeling too lazy to blog.


Today was a long drive and was a little exhausting. I was struggling with some thoughts regarding the journey but in the end it worked out.

The highlight of the day was meeting Charla through Chad. I am in complete gratitude for both of them. I really needed a place to stay in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and I could not find any through couchsurfing, and then Chad came through strong for me. Thank you Chad and thank you Charla!!!

So I have decided to explore Santa Fe tomorrow. I plan to also make a visit to Taos since my friend Justin mentioned the Earthships which should very intriguing. And I have some places to check out in Santa Fe that another friend Patricia recommended.

Expenses: $56.68
Gas: $26.75
Coffee: $2.52 (Starbucks)
Car Supplies/Maintenance: $9.72 (Walmart)
Dinner: $17.67 (B2B Bistronomy)