Travel Date: Friday, Oct 17 2014
Got up and went for the continental breakfast. Ended up sharing a table with two Danes. One was a naturalized Danish citizen (ethnically from China). After breakfast, I packed up and left for Flagstaff.

The drive to Flagstaff was cloudly.

But there were moments of beauty where the sky opened up a little.

When I got to Flagstaff I drove around till I found a restaurant that called my name: India Palace. I could definitely use some Indian food after a long walk down and up the Grand Canyon.

I walked in and was quite excited to see the buffet.

This was delicious. Not as spicy as I would have liked by definitely delicious.

There is even a TV that is showing Bollywood movies.

After lunch I ran some errands that I needed to get done. After that I drove to Scottsdale through the town Sedona but didn’t take any pictures. I didn’t make the time to stop by which I regret. It was extremely beautiful but it was very very touristy.

Getting into the Phoenix/Scottdale area.

I went to a Starbucks and did some blogging and work until my couchsurfer Erika got back from work. First time staying with a woman couchsurfer. After meeting up with and chatting for a bit we decided to head out into town and meet her friends.

First stop is at Patties.

Goofie group pic with Erika and friends. There is even a ping pong table here.

Erika and I go to a Mexican restaurant and grab some food and plan to meet up with her friends later.

After dinner we bounce around to a few different bars while charging our almost drained cell phones whenever the opportunity strikes.

Group picture with Erika, me, Sam and Shaina.

Erika runs into one of her friends from the past (I think at Camp) at the bar who is a bouncer and gets us all free shots. Rock on!!! We need to meet more friends of Erika from camp right?

After this bar, Erika and I go to a club to listen to a popular DJ but we both are tired and head home shortly after.

Tomorrow I meet up with Matt, a past Sigma Nu volunteer and then probably hit up the Taco Festival if I have time.


My body healed relatively quickly from the strenuous walk. The drive to Flagstaff was relatively short but felt long. Dining on Indian food for lunch was fantastic. I have missed it dearly on my travels.

Hanging out on Day 1 with Erika was a blast. She was easy to talk to, beautiful, and very outgoing. She is quite the hostess showing me around various places, meeting her friends. I talked to two of her guy friends Jay and then Sam whom I really hit it off with. Such a good time meeting new people through a wonderful couchsurfing hostess. Thank you Erika for the generosity and hospitality.

Expenses: $78.68
Lunch: $12.99 (India Palace)
Coffee: $4.59 (Starbucks)
Beverages: $13.00
Beverages: $48.10 (Kelly’s at Southbridge)