Travel Date: Monday, Oct 20 2014
Got up in the morning and drove to Taos. My friend Justin had suggested that I visit the Earthships there – and usually he is spot on with things I would like.
The drive there was beautiful with the changing colors of the trees. The one thing I noticed though is that New Mexico drivers are horrible. 

Got into Taos and started noticing some of the historic architecture.

Drove past the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and made a mental note to revisit it on the drive back. I arrived outside the Earthship community.

Drove through and parked and noticed the Visitors Center.

Looking at the structures around me.

Walked into the Visitors Center and began to learn more about the place. They are completely off the water and electricity grid. Meaning they don’t pay utility bills. The water is collected from rain and electricity is collected from solar and wind.

The entrance.

On the outside but within the walls of the house.

The first room I walk into that has a TV feeding off the stored electricity from solar and wind.

The sheets that I was given for the self guided tour.

Where the power is controlled.

Banners and information about the Earthships.

I love this poster.

I walk outside and take pictures of the other earthships being constructed.

After a tour of the Earthships, I decide to park near the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge and take a peek.

And then drive back through the beautiful streets and scenery of Taos towards Santa Fe.


The drive to Taos from Albuquerque was quite long. But the scenery with the changing colors was quite beautiful. I found the idea of a sustainable home made from recyclable materials such as tires, aluminum cans and bottles amazing. It is unbelievable that they aren’t on the water or electric grids – and so they don’t pay water or electric bills. The rooms stay relatively cool despite the weather outside. The Rio Grand Gorge was neat to see for some time. Lots of vendors around the gorge selling stuff though. Great suggestion Justin!

The drive from Taos back to Santa Fe was dreadful because it was one lane for most of the way and there was a funeral car procession keeping traffic back for miles. They were going 10-15 miles under the speed limit until we hit the two lane highway about 30 minutes later. Painful I tell you!! I know, I know my impatience is showing.

Expenses: $38.00
Gas: $31.00
Earthship Museum: $7.00