Travel Date: Tuesday, Oct 21 2014
Got up really early and heading out the door. The plan is to drive from Albuquerque to Roswell, New Mexico and do some ‘alien’ stuff and then drive through the northern tip of Texas to Norman, Oklahoma. It is going to be a long long long day of driving.
As I started I noticed a lot of clouds in the sky. And surely enough it rained.

But finally I got to Roswell and noticed the unique signs downtown.

Noticed that the UFO Museum was close by – which my friend Patricia recommended checking out.

As I was walking to the museum entrance I noticed the following lamp posts. Look at those creepy eyes.

A short walk to the entrance.

Entered, payed the small museum fee and walked to the first exhibit.

All the documented apparitions of flying saucers.

They remove the tacks every month. They get that many visitors monthly.

Saw a hole for Lexington so I put a tack there.


The museum ticket prices are really cheap so I didn’t mind the ‘high quality’ exhibits.

Finally I get to see Aliens

Gov Bill Richardson’s a believer? Really???

So that is what they really look like?

A closer look.

Babies!!! Or are they babies?

Radar tracking.

And abductions.

More mystical stuff now.

Corp Circles … go watch the movie Signs!

Physical Aspects of Flying Saucers.

Props used in Alien movie: Roswell.

They even have a theater and it is part of your small entry fee. So you want to spend the entire day day and watch four movies for $5.00 that is a deal. Don’t remember if they have concessions though.

After my alien encounter at Roswell I decided it was time to drive to Norman, Oklahoma. I noted the moment I crossed 130,000 miles.

More clouds with a little glimmer of sunshine.

Finally I entered the northern tip of Texas

And received some beautiful sunshine in northern Texas.

The Texas State Trooper who almost hit my car when he jetted out from the median to pursue another car. I was going slower than the speed limit and staying in the right lane.

Finally passing through Oklahoma City

And arrived in Norman around 11 PM ish and hung out with Jeff and Kelley for a bit and caught up with them. I met them when Kelley was a W&L Law student and stayed in contact with them through facebook.

But for now… after a really long day of driving and my alien encounter I needed some rest.


It was a long day of driving. I was originally debating whether I should go to Roswell since it would add a few more hours to my trip, but that decision was made easy when I realized that it was unlikely that I would ever come to New Mexico again let alone go to Roswell – so might as well get the feel for it now while I’m here.

The UFO Museum was pretty cool from an information prospective. I was seriously reading a lot of the stuff until it became overwhelming information. The aliens bodies and mannequins were pretty cool to look. It definitely made me wonder if we really are alone and if there is the possibility of other intelligent life out there.

Passing though Texas was nice but I really didn’t appreciate the aggressiveness of the State Trooper who turned his lights on as I was passing him and jetted out and bared crossed into my lane. It would have been a disaster had there been impact.

Finally it was great to see Jeff and Kelley. I haven’t seen them in a number of years and catching with up with them an their lives was fun. I am so grateful to them for letting me stay with them for two nights while I’m in Oklahoma. They gave me some suggestions of things to check out in Norman and Oklahoma City tomorrow.

Expenses: $52.22
Gas: $32.10
Breakfast: $6.45
Lunch: $8.67
Museum: $5.00 (International UFO Museum)