Travel Date: Monday, Oct 20 2014
I finally got to Santa Fe from Taos and I was feeling quite hungry. The drive there was long thanks to the funeral car procession but I’m glad I got here now. I parked in a garage and walked to the Santa Fe Plaza.

The colors of trees were changing and made it beautiful with the sky.

I walked around until I found a restaurant to eat at. Decided to go The Burrito Co.

And got some chili.

After lunch I walked around the various downtown spots enjoying the New Mexican architecture of Santa Fe.

Then walked in the Cathedral Park.

And then a visit to the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral Basilica which was recommended by my friend Patricia.

St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Santa Fe

Walked through the door

The church is very beautiful.

After a visit to the Basilica I decided to just relax since I was exhausted. So I walked around and using Yelp found a coffee shop called Liquid Outpost.

And ordered a Coconut Smoothie.

After sitting down and blogging for a bit I continued to walk around. Noticed this alley and chili shop.

Lots of chili’s.

I asked the owner of the coffee shop for a suggestion of a good local restaurant for dinner and she recommended The Shed.

It was a restaurant with many small rooms.

My friend Patricia recommended that when I am in New Mexico I get the green sauce or red sauce or that I could go Christmas and get both at the same time.

I first got the soup of the day with green chili.

And then some dinner with red chili. The green chili was hotter – and my belly was full from all the food.

It was getting darker. After dinner I cut back through the Plaza.

And went past the theater.

And the donkey.

And drove back to Albuquerque, talked to Charla at home for a bit, and then went into my room and fell asleep. Long day of driving tomorrow.

It was a long day of driving to Albuquerque to Taos and then Santa Fe and back but worth it. I enjoyed Taos more than Santa Fe although there was good food in Santa Fe. Glad to have the experience of Santa Fe and Taos in New Mexico and great suggestions from various friends. Wish I had a little more time (maybe a day more) to spend in New Mexico to explore some more. Tomorrow I plan to drive a little south to Roswell and then through the northern tip of Texas to Norman, Oklahoma. Another long day of driving but at least I get to see aliens, right!!!

Expenses: $38.83
Lunch: $7.44
Coffee: $5.75
Dinner: $25.64