Travel Date: Thursday, Oct 23 2014

Drove from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas. Since I got there early I decided to go visit the Botanica, Wichita.
Around 5 PM ish I met up with my couchsurfer: Jen and after the couchsurfing formalities we went for a walk across the city.
I stopped at one of the places downtown that I really enjoyed. 

I’ve always wanted to be a bartender. Who cares if the customers aren’t real.

We continue to walk, and cross the bridge. Jen is taking me to visit The Keeper of the Plains.

Some art work along the way.

There is The Keeper of Plains in the distance. This site commemorates the bicentennial founding of the United States and is a tribute to the Native American tribes who continue to gather at this site.

Views of the surrounding river.

I take a picture of Jen taking pictures.

More info on The Keeper of the Plains.

We continue to walk and the sun begins to set slowly.

As we are walking she point out to the troll under the walk way.

Scary stuff, no?

Then we meet up with her friends downtown for an apartment/condo showing. There are free appetizers so this is right up my alley.

Some of these condos are pretty cool.

And the view from the roof top is neat too.

Time to head out and hit a few of the bars.

Jen, her friend Jonathan and I head over to Public at the Brickyard which is located in Old Town in downtown Wichita. It apparently is the best place for live music in Wichita.

The bar is downstairs.

We huddle up and grab some beers.

I first get a Vanilla Porter.


And I order a vegetarian enchilada and it is amazing. Truly the best enchilada I have ever had. The sauce they use is out of this world.

And then I find out that they have Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout. My favorite beer! Perfect.

As we continue to drink we meet a wonderful bartender Heather and she sits with us briefly and we have a great conversation with her. After a few beers we decide to call in a night and we say our goodbyes to Heather and Jonathan and depart for Jen’s apartment.


Visiting the Botanica Wichita Gardens was amazing. It was a great ‘appetizer’ to Wichita.

From the get go I felt very comfortable talking to Jen. I met her at her apartment and she showed me around the city. Walking with her through downtown and to The Keeper of the Plains was not only a great walk to get to know each well but it was perfect to see in the early and late evening as the sun was setting.

The condo/apartment showing was interesting. Some of the places were small and others were more spacious with great views of the downtown area.

Hanging out with her and her friend Jonathan was comfortable and a blast as well. Fun times meeting them and Heather at Public at the Brickyard in Old Town.

Thank you Jen for showing me around your city and being a great hostess.

Expenses: $68.94
Gas: $26.55
Lunch: $7.46
Dinner and Drinks: $34.93 (Brickyard & Public)