Travel Date: Friday, Oct 24 2014
Got up early with Jen since she had to go to work early. 
We went to a local coffee shop that she recommended: Reverie Coffee Roasters.

The place was relatively empty since it was quite early.

I love that they have the meaning of reverie posted in the coffee shop.

I get the pour over coffee.

Time to enjoy a few last moments together before Jen leaves for work.

After Jen leaves I bunker down and notice a Pay It Forward board on the wall. Neat!

And after catching up with some work (planning, paying bills, and blogging) I drive to Old Town.

And made a revisit to Public and the Brickyard to get some more vegetarian enchiladas. Yes they are THAT GOOD!

This time I sat the bar and ordered the vegetarian enchilada.

Was disappointed when I received one enchilada instead of two like dinner but it was still delicious.

Time to get back in the car and head over to Kansas City, Missouri and visit my friends Brad and Haley.


The Reverie was definitely a great coffee shop. I really enjoyed the slow pour coffee and it was great to catch up with some ‘work’.

I hung out with Jen for a while until she had to leave to work. She is a wonderful person and couchsurfing hostess. Thank you for showing me a great time in Wichita, Kansas. I stayed only one day and had a great time.

Actually wishing that I could stay longer in Wichita to experience more but the road calls for Kansas City for the weekend.

Expenses: $23.97
Coffee: $12.33
Lunch: $11.64