Travel Date: Thursday, Oct 23 2014
So I drove from Oklahoma City to Wichita, Kansas and I had some time to myself since my couchsurfer was still at work. She and trip advisor recommending checking out the botanical gardens in at Botanica – Wichita Gardens. So I did.

Entered the facility.

Parked and started walking.

Paid the $7.00 entry fee

Got the maps and followed the numerical path on the ‘A Guide to the Garden.’

So my eye candy exploration begins.

Tis the pumpkin season.

Boy meets girl.

The Margie Button Memorial Fountain.

Walking into a butterfly garden.

Walking out.

Gnomes everywhere along the path.

A stream runs through it.

More smaller gardens

Continue walking around

A walk through the Children’s Garden.

And then I move on to other parts

New area.

A miniature train. What??


Then I continue to walk around.

And now it is time to leave and meet my couchsurfer: Jen

The drive to Kansas was short and pleasurable. As I got there early I decided to check on the Botanica Wichita Gardens and burn some time until I meet with my couchsurfer Jen who is hosting me in Wichita. It was a great decision. The gardens were unbelievably beautiful. I enjoyed it more than the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Expenses: $7.00
Tickets: $7.00 (Botanica Wichita)