Travel Date: Friday, Oct 24 2014

I got into town and drove to the nearest Starbucks near my friend Brad’s house. Kansas City Royals were playing the San Francisco Giants and everyone in the city was passionate about their team… even at Starbucks.

It was too cold to sit inside. The air conditioning was blowing like cray cray.

So I decided to sit outside and enjoy the comfortable weather.

After trading a few texts with Brad, I met him and his wife Haley at their home. Brad and I know each other from Lexington when he was a student at Washington & Lee Law school. We also volunteered to knock on doors for the Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign.

It turns out that he also walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain and we hit it off because we never knew each other did it until I told him I went to Spain for it. Incredible surprise!

Time to go watch the Royals Giants game. We head over to Blanc Burgers + Bottles.

Get a beverage!

And order some food.

Haley is really digging her milkshake.

Kansas City wins and everyone is happy! And it is time to go home, drink some of the good stuff that Brad has stashed in his home, talk with this peregrino and catch up with him on our lives.


It was great to see Brad and Haley. Haven’t seen them both in a very long long time. Last time I was in Kansas City we didn’t meet up so this time it was great to catch up and thank you both for being generous with dinner and drinks. You helped me fund my travels a little longer.

After I discovered that Brad walked the Camino I was shocked and ecstatic at the same time. It is always a joyous feeling to find out that one of your friends have walked the Camino and share stories about this small fraternity of hikers. He walked early on before it became very popular so his memories had faded a little. Fortunately he dug up some old pictures (print versions) and showed me some of the sites and people he walked with and met along the way.

Watching Kansas City Royals win and take a 2-1 lead was great. I guess since I’m in Kansas City I should root for them – and also because they are the underdog. Sorry my friends Chris and Marc (Giants fans).

Expenses: $4.71
Starbucks: $4.71