Travel Date: Saturday, Oct 25 2014
Got up in the morning, and Brad and I headed out the door.

It is a beautiful day outside and I love the autumn colors.

Brad and I are headed to a nationally renowned barbecue place. Watch the video. But first we have to cross the state line back into Kansas. Yeah technically it is in Kansas.

There we go crossing the Stateline (literally).

We finally get to Oklahoma Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue there 1 hour after it opened. Opens at 11 AM and we got there noon-ish, and the line is already out the door and to the corner. Brad warned me the previous day… he wasn’t joking. Be prepared to wait in line for an hour or two if we get there slightly late.

We stand in the back of the line.

Not sure why it is called Oklahoma Joe’s when it is based in Kansas City, but a quick wikipedia search resolved that for me.

Moving up the line slowly and sure. Probably around the 30 minute mark.

We get inside and it is about the 1 hour mark. And there is still a line.

Oh look… Anthony Bourdain was here.

Finally after about 1.5 hrs of waiting in line we get to order. Brad tells me that I MUST MUST MUST get the burnt ends … so I decide to get the Burnt-ends Luncheon Platter. Hopefully there are not sold out.

I also get the Red Beans and Rice and BBQ Beans (I think).

Brad and I ready to munch down.

Need to try out some of the specialty sauce as well.

After about 30-45 minutes of chowing down and enjoying some beer we walk out and the length of the line has really not drastically changed.

We head back to the house and I get some Coca Cola with ‘real sugar’. Brad tells me it is imported from Mexico.

Later in the evening, Brad, Haley and I head on out to a local bar: Harpo’s Westport to watch KC Royals play SF Giants in Game 4. Everyone in KC is out and the atmosphere is electric. Gotta root for the home team so lets go ROYALS!

We meet up with two friends of Brad and Haley from Charleston: Tommy and Chris. After a few minutes of talking and getting to know them I find out that they are Sigma Nu’s from Wofford. Whoa… it is a small Sigma Nu world. I was even able to pull up with their names and badges from the Sigma Nu – Members Area.

Unfortunately the game takes a dive for the home team in the 5th inning and by the 6th is starts to get out of reach. So we bounce around to other places and enjoy each others company as the night winds down.

After the goodbyes we head on home and get some delivery Jimmy Johns. 

Nothing like late night Jimmy Johns. Nom nom nom nom.

Today was an awesome day. Will not forget the amazing barbecue at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ or I should say Joe’s Kansas City BBQ as it is now called. Whoever told me about it first THANK YOU! And thank you Brad for willing to walk, cross over state lines, and then stay in line for about an hour and a half with me to order and then share in that experience. Unbelievably delicious.
Watching the KC Royals game was a little bit of a downer. Everything was tight and going well until the game broke away to SF Giant’s favor. Meeting the two Sigma Nu’s from Wofford: Tommy and Chris was an unexpected surprise. 
Also, thank you Haley and Brad for the Jimmy John’s treat. It was a perfect cure for the late night munchies after watching the game. Thank you for being awesome hosts while I was in KC. A great time in the city.
$54.66: Lunch (Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ)
$18.00: Beverages.