Travel Date: Monday, Oct 27 2014
After visiting the Walmart Visitor Center I head over to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. It is a free museum which was also founded by the Walmart Family: Alice Walton – daughter of Sam Walton.

I love the fall colors. Drove through and parked.

Walked to the entrance.

And began my journey.

A portrait of George Washington

Sentinel Rock at Yosemite National Park. Been there!!

I thought this was interesting: Cross of Gold representing the battle between the Gold Standard and the moving away from it.

The architecture of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art by Moshe Safdie

One of the paintings that caught my eye and interest.

Please read.

The architecture.

Another intriguing painting.

And then I walked into my favorite section.

Almost feel like I am in Lego Land.

Visually this was strange.

But the sound it made as it moved made the experience more interesting. What does it sound like to you?

More art pieces.

Someone else likes to take panoramas like me.

On one side you look to the heavens to see the stars.

But walk around the wall and on the other side you zoom into the microscope to see the organisms that make up the stars.

This was one of my favorite pieces: copying and pasting words literally from the Holy Bible and Holy Quran (Koran) into art.

A closer look.

And closer to the bottom.

A little closer.

More interesting stuff.

Zoomed in a little closer.

I’ve been to these places: Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park.

Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

This was one of the interesting items. It was a live video feed from workers in the ‘fracking industry’ in North Dakota. You can see them but they cannot see you. They are asked to silently in front of the camera for an extended period. How do they respond? How do you?

I leave my favorite collection and go into the dining area and see more intriguing architecture.

Ah another art gallery.

A closer look.

This is neat.

Done with the art collection. I decide to walk around the various buildings.

A view of the outside from the inside.

I leave the Museum and begin to head back to the car.

And now it is time to go back to Fayetteville and hang out with the Scott and Dana.


This was really an awesome museum. I enjoy the more modern pieces. And since it is free I highly recommend everyone to go see it.

To be honest when Dana and Scott suggested that I go for a visit, it felt on deaf eyes. I am ‘museum-ed-out’ if that is a word. So tired of seeing Art and History Museums in various places that I didn’t want to see anymore. However since I had a lot of time, didn’t feel like going to a coffee shop and blogging and also knew that it was FREE – yes the magic word – I decided to go. It was a great suggestion and a good decision. And I’m grateful for that experience. Thank you Dana and Scott for the suggestion.

Expenses: $0.00