Travel Date: Sunday, Oct 26 2014
Got up in the morning, packed up my gear, said goodbye to Brad and Haley and jetted off to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see one of my friends Scott who I worked with at Sigma Nu for a number of years.

Got to Fayetteville a little early, so I hung out at a Starbucks and worked on some trip planning, couchsurfing requests and blogging. Trip planning on the fly when you have wifi is not easy. And you don’t want to spend all your time on your trip – trip planning. It defeats the purpose of enjoying the trip, but sometimes it is necessary.

Soon after I got a call from Scott to meet him and his wife Dana at his home. His in-laws who were in town for the weekend had left and it was time to hang out. Scott is probably one of the most talented, dedicated and highly efficient people I have ever worked with at Sigma Nu. He does so much with little time – it is quite inspiring.

We head out to Foghorns a local wings place to watch the Saints and Packers game.

Lots of wings variety.

The wings were good, company was great, and having a Saints game on TV made me appreciate the moment even more. We caught up on each others lives, my travels, his running achievements, and everything Sigma Nu.

Around half time we headed on home and watched the rest of the game.

Scott and Dana went to bed early – something about having jobs and having to work the next day :-). I stayed up a little late and enjoyed some of the NFL commentary after the game and then went to bed.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Scott and Dana gave me some great suggestions of things to do in the nearby area: go to Bentonville, see the touristy first Walmart Visitors Center and then visit the free Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Am always in awe with Scott. A good friend, fraternal brother, and overall person. Thank you for hosting me and generously taking me out to eat and putting up with me watching a Saints game.

The unexpected Saints win made the day even better. Can’t believe we beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with the crappy season we have been having.

Expenses: $40.24
Gas: $27.22
Dinner: $8.27 (Wendy’s)
Smoothie: $4.75 (Starbucks)