Travel Date: Monday, Oct 27th 2014
I wake up in the morning and Scott is focused and hacking away at Sigma Nu stuff.

I made some coffee and drank it out of a Razorbacks mug. Blasphemy no?

And Scott begins prepping for the evening meal in the crock pot.

After coffee I hit the road and visit the Original Walton Store now the Walmart Visitor Center. I also swing by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art which is founded by the Walton family.

After arriving at the house we all head out for a little road trip to the Fayetteville Public Library where the Smith are going to pick up some new books.

Does that actually say DAMBULANCE on the top of the car in front of us?

We pass by the football stadium

Downtown Fayetteville. Looks beautiful with the trees changing colors.

And soon we get to Fayetteville Public Library my tour begins. It is quite a nice modern facility. While Scott and Dana are picking their books to read I go out on the terrace to enjoy the view and the sunset.

We head on home.

Guess who picked which book? I’ve read The Social Animal by David Brooks and enjoyed it.

Time to get dinner rolling. The chili that Scott prepped up for this morning in the crock pot is ready to be served.

Dana is making some rice.

And now it is time to munch down on some dinner.

And then catch some Monday Night Football.


Today was a long day going to Bentonville to see the Original Walton Store and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Going to the Fayetteville Public Library was a neat experience. They have a very new and good library and the view as the sunset was pretty to look at. Chilling out at the house while watching the game doing absolutely nothing was a great comfortable way to end the day. I was quite mentally and physically tired after a visit to two museums back-to-back.

Thank you Scott and Dana for hosting me for two nights in Fayetteville and for dinner (x2). Your suggestions in Bentonville were spot on. I wish I had more time to do/see more in Fayetteville and the surrounding area but the road beckons.

Expenses: $0.00