Travel Date: Tuesday, Oct 28 2014
Immediately after I left the Garvan Woodlands I jetted out towards Dallas. Near the border of Texas and Arkansas, I stopped to fill gas and noticed a barbecue place nearby: Naaman’s Championship BBQ . Feeling a little hungry I decided to stop and check it out.

That was seriously a LOT of meat. I could not finish it and it wasn’t great. I’ve had better. At least the sweet tea was good.

I headed back to the interstate and in a few seconds crossed the border into Texas.

Eventually getting close to Dallas. Love the color as the sun sets.

I drive over to my friend Jonathan’s home. Jonathan was a W&L Law student I met while I was working in Lexington. I ran into him quite frequently once we gotten to know each other. He is also a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan so there is a little friendly rivalry when it comes to American Football games since I am a New Orleans Saints fan and our teams compete in the same division.

I actually didn’t remember he was in Dallas until I randomly saw a post his wife Jane posted on facebook with the city location as Dallas. The positive power of social networking reconnecting people together.

A few moments after I arrive, Jonathan and his wife Jane pulls up the drive way and they greet me.

Later, we head over to a Ramen Noodle restaurant for dinner: Tanoshii.

The city lights of Dallas as we are walking toward the restaurant.

It is supposed to be a Japanese restaurant but they have some Chinese decorative elements.

They order some appetizers

Looks pretty good to me!!

We get our main courses and take an obligatory group picture.

Earlier, Jonathan told me a story about one of his friends who used to totally immerse himself into the foods that he ate. His friend would literally stare down his food for a short but extended period of time, inhaling the smells to create a powerful and sensual experience. The picture that Jane posted of him on his facebook feed that alerted me to them being in Dallas also demonstrated this pose. So I requested that we all indulge in a similar group photo pose.

Our server who took the picture was quite perplexed.

For dinner I order the Curry: spicy coconut curry, shrimp, mussels, bell pepper, and tomato. It was truly delicious! Our server warned me that is was spicy and it did have a little kick but not enough to warrant a box of tissues and flare up my sinuses. Would I eat there again and order the same dish?? ABSOLUTELY!

After dinner, we went back to the house and I jetted off to reunite with a past Sigma Nu HQ staff member Erik at his home.

The random stop at Naaman’s Championship BBQ was an expensive waste of time. There are a few regrets that I have on this trip and this is one of them.

Meeting up with Jonathan and Jane after many years was exciting and refreshing. Learning about their adventures traveling, and their perspectives, and Jonathan’s military service was also great. I am tickled at the thought that I reconnected with them in a short period of time because Jane posted a picture of Jonathan smelling his food on facebook … ah the power of social media and social networking. Thank you for the great company, the time you spent with me and the generous dinner treat. I only hope to multiply the favor in kind to you both in the future.

Expenses: $47.61
Gas: $25.62
Coffee: $1.09
Lunch: $20.90 (National Championship BBQ)