Travel Date: Tuesday, Oct 28 2014
After dinner with Jonathan and Jane, I headed to meet up and stay with Erik. He is also a past Sigma Nu HQ staff member that I’ve stayed in contact with over the years. 

We and his wife Katie and I just lounged about at his home, and caught up with old times and talked about what was going on in each others lives and my travels. Erik has extensively traveled the entire US as well and many times on my trip he provided me with great tips of places to visit.

Travel Date: Wednesday, Oct 29th 2014

The next morning I woke up early to meet up with a Sigma Nu staff member Geoff who happened to be in town. Geoff lives in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California and works for the Foundation of Sigma Nu as a fundraiser. I previously met up with him in Santa Monica when I was in the Los Angeles area.

Erik had suggested we meet at the Bread Winners Cafe in Plano the night before. And from my prospective, he usually hits the bulls eye with recommendations so we planned to meet up there.

Outside the staff cars in the parking lot it appeared I was the first one to arrive for breakfast in the morning.

I decided to take a selfie with the mirror. It was a very large mirror and no one was around. Less embarrassment and awkwardness.

Geoff gets there, we order some food

Breakfast was delicious and I was definitely hungry to consume EVERYTHING.

After a quick breakfast I said bye to Geoff since he had to run into his meetings. I went to a nearby Starbucks, blogged and did some trip planning as well. Later in the afternoon I planned to meet up with Erik for some Tacos at Torchy’s Tacos.

We grab a table outside. The lighting is bad. Picture is dark … I know.

Whoa … that looks good already!

Taco time. Presentation of the tacos was excellent. The tacos itself was good but not the best I’ve had. I think my San Diego experience was much better. However, with that said I would definitely eat here again.

After the lunch break, I say my goodbyes to Erik and head out on the road. Time to drive to San Antonio, Texas and stay with a couch surfer.


It was great to spend time with Erik and Katie. Catching up with Erik was fantastic since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Erik and I tend to have the relationship where you pick up from where you left off and then feels like time spent away from each other didn’t skip a beat.

Catching up with Geoff was about the same. It felt like yesterday that I saw him in Santa Monica. I told him about my recent travels and adventures and my future travel plans.

The lunch plans with Erik at Torchy Taco place was good, but I will have to try it out again with less of a time crunch and diversify my taco options. The nachos and cheese were definitely delicious and a must get!

Thank you Erik for hosting, the great hospitality, and spending time catching up. Cannot wait to see you in the near future buddy!

Expenses: $59.44
Breakfast: $21.78 (Bread Winners Cafe)
Gasoline: $29.00 (Tom Thumb)
Lunch: $8.66 (Torchy’s Tacos Preston)