Travel Date: Wednesday, Oct 29 2014
After leaving Dallas, I headed to San Antonio. Traffic through Austin was annoying but I finally made it. I arrived at my couchsurfer (Rama) home. He left the key for me so I walked in and took a nap on the couch. 
After he arrived we talked for a bit and we decided to head out around town. I asked if he wanted me to drive and he said yes but we would be riding a bike. To be perfectly honest, I have never ridden a bike on the roads of the US before – or at the least I don’t remember. 

Rama and I ride until we get to La Gloria.

Grab a bite to eat, get some beverages, and talk to some of the locals.

We then ride around and bounce to other restaurants/bars.

And then we eventually ride back home.

Rama just made an indelible mark on my trip. I have never ridden a bike on the US roadways and initially it was uncomfortable and awkward. But after finding my bearings it was a whole lot of fun and great exercise. I felt very energetic, and healthy despite the consumption of various foods and beverages. I am definitely investing in a bike when I relocate to another city and reducing my ‘carbon footprint’. Thank you Rama for enlightening me on this experience.

Hanging out with Rama was like hanging out with the Indian brother I never had. We clicked and got along well and conversation flowed smoothly.

Looking forward to tomorrow. A tour of the Alamo, the Riverwalk, a meetup with a friend from college, and then the Saints game.

Expenses: $45.24
Breakfast: $45.24