Travel Date: Thursday, Oct 30 2014
I got up early when Rama had to leave for work and then drove to downtown San Antonio. After parking and walking around I noticed this marker identifying the 250th anniversary of the Founding of San Antonio.
I walk over to the famous The Alamo Mission to learn about its history and relevance to the Republic of Texas and the United States.

I actually walk in from the side entrance which is near the gift shop.

A symbol of TEXAS Liberty!

Enter one of the courtyards.

Oh some history

Time to walk around

I go inside the museum, watch the video detailing the history of The Alamo, and then walk around the museum to review the artifacts. Unfortunately camera are not permitted for use inside the museum … so no pictures.

After the history lesson I walk around.

I noticed the path to the well.

Pennies in the dried up well.

Walking away from the well gives you perspective of the greenery inside The Alamo.

The other side of the gift shop.

Some of the internal structures.

With trees.

Leaving through the main entrance.

And I walk outside to the square to get a picture of the actual famous structure that everyone sees on TV… especially during San Antonio Spurs games during the B roll.

A close up

The square from afar.

Close up of a monument beside the square.

The Alamo in 1836. That is what is says on the marker below.

I was quite excited to see the Alamo. As a big San Antonio Spurs fan I’ve seen it on TV countless times and heard about it repetitiously on the History Channel. However, when I got there I wasn’t very impressed, until I learned about the history from watching the video, visiting the museum, and reading the large billboards of history outside. With historical context and significance applied it was quite amazing. The sacrifice of a few against many for independence.
And it is FREE!
Expenses: $0.00