Travel Date: Thursday, Oct 30 2014

After the visit to The Alamo and the history lesson I decided to see the next tourist spot that I see on all the San Antonio Spurs B Roll… the famous River Walk. Looking at my depleted iPhone battery (from all the pictures of The Alamo) I decide to only walk the short loop.

I find a sign for the entry.

And proceed to walk downstairs.

Beginning to love the colorful umbrella.

Definitely very very touristy.

Making a few friends along the way.

Amphitheaters … nice!

I love the path.

And the bridges.


Like the Camino, the path is always changing.

More bridges…

And getting close to my exit.

I see my friends again. I wish them well.

Walk back upstairs to the main street level, turn around for one last pano. So pretty!

Time to go meet Stacy at Liberty Bar.


Well the river walk is free, and easy to find from The Alamo. It is definitely worth taking the time to walk around the short
I think my couchsurfer Rama suggested that I walk off the beaten path away from the loop but I didn’t have the time to do so, otherwise I would have.

Expenses: $0.00