Travel Date: Thursday, Oct 30 2014
After visiting The Alamo and the River Walk, I started walking back to my car and noticed a Pat O’Briens establishment in San Antonio. Thought it was funny that it was in Texas and it reminded me of New Orleans.

I headed to Liberty Bar to meet up with my college friend Stacy. I parked on the side of the street. 

And walked over to the front entrance. Well people this used to be a convent – now restored to a restaurant.

Stacy and I were Orientation Leaders together. She was in Phi Mu and I in Sigma Nu so our paths also crossed on Greek Row and we have mutual friends as well. I met her husband the last time they were in Virginia, however they relocated and are now in San Antonio.
And with a new addition to the family: Ella. So cute!!

The soup I ordered was tasty but not OMG great!

Stacy and I caught up on each others lives, our mutual friends, my travels and she gave me some great recommendations of things to do, check out for the afternoon.

First place she recommended was a coffee shop for the food: Rosella Coffee Co.

I found a spot. Bunkered down with my laptop …

And ordered what Stacy recommended I MUST TRY: the Avocado Toast. It was seriously delicious and absolutely worth it.

After the two slices of scrumptious avocado toast, and some blogging I headed back to the house where Rama got back from work and was messing with some stuff for his motor bike.

I definitely needed to go to a public place and watch the New Orleans Saints play at Carolina Panthers. However Rama hooked me up with another couchsurfer Patrick who was an avid sports fan and was watching the games.

Moments later I’m in front on a TV and in heaven.

At half time I get really hungry. Patrick suggests going to the food trucks located nearby so I head there. I find Singh’s Vietnamese food truck.

And order the Banh Mi Sandwich. It is seriously delicious and so worth the money.

Back at Patrick’s house and munching down on the Banh Mi… while watching the Saints win. 

After the game, I say my goodbyes to Patrick and head back to Rama’s and fall into a deep slumber shortly after. It was a good day!

Seeing Stacy and Ella was wonderful. Catching up on past memories, mutual friends, a little gossip and talking about the future made the trip to San Antonio worthwhile. Thank you Stacy for the companionship and the great suggestions. The avocado toast is definitely everyone should try out if they are in the area.

Thank you Patrick for allowing me to watch the game with you and also the suggestion of the Singh’s Vietnamese food truck. The Banh Mi Sandwich was excellent and thinking about it now makes me a little hungry.

Finally Rama, thank you for your hospitality. I wish we could have hung around on Day 2 but I know it is was a weekday. The time we spent on Day 1 was great though. Thank you for opening up your home to me.

I had a great time in San Antonio… it would have been better though had I run into some Spurs.

Expenses: $60.12
Lunch: $12.33
More Lunch: $7.04 (Avocado Sandwich)
Dinner: $17.00 (2 Banh Mi Sandwiches)
Misc: $23.75 (Misc Mailing costs)