Travel Date: Friday, Oct 31 2014
I drove into Austin to meet and stay with my high school (St. Marys, Dubai) friend Sherwin. Haven’t seen him since 2000 or 2001 (can’t remember exactly which year). I was still in college and staying with a friend in the area. I was walking at the University of Texas in Austin and across the street from me was Sherwin. I did a double take and belted out his name. We were both dumbfounded at the strange co-incident we would run into each other on a street in Austin.
I met Sherwin at his home and had a celebratory beer with him.
His wife Roushelle was making some delicious Indian goodies for lunch. I was just excited to have Indian food.

Almost there…

Oh yes, sweet heaven. Get in my belly. I also had seconds. 🙂

Roushelle also made some delicious Indian dessert the name of which escapes me now.

After lunch, we lounged about for a while and then nap time was necessary. Food coma had set it.

Later in the evening around ‘tea time’, Roushelle whipped out the Parle-G and Goya Maria cookies – or biscuits as we Indians call them.

I miss some Indian/British traditions like tea time!

Later in the evening I ventured out on my own to meet up a fraternal brother Andrew: a Sigma Nu volunteer that I hung out with at the Nashville Grand Chapter. He was hosting a Halloween party at his house.

He even had one of those prehistoric stereo systems at his home.

Yes, with a cassette player. Dang!!!! I miss those days – showing my age.

The fire pit with the Austin lights that Andrew created from his sign company.

The door bell rings and the trick or treating begins.

This person almost looks too old (based on height) to be trick or treating.

One by one they come by.

And then the onslaught of kids for candy.

Andrew’s favorite trick or treater costume.

Andrew and his wife Cathie catch a break.

After spending time with Andrew, Cathie and their guests, I say goodbye to them and head back to Sherwin’s home. We decide to drive downtown and take part by people and costume watching the Halloween and 6th street festivities. Also my friend from college Katie is downtown and we are planning a meet up.

We drive by the Texas State Capitol Building lit up at night.

Sixth street (the college side) is buzzing with people and their costumes.

We go to a bar: Buffalo Billiards since Katie is there.

And I reunite with Katie. Katie and I went to college together. We were the 2000 Homecoming King and Queen at Nicholls State University, in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Yes, in Bayou country. We had a great time together at the Homecoming Festivities. We haven’t seen each other since 2001 when we came back to ‘return our crowns’ for the 2001 Homecoming King and Queen. So this was a great reunion.

And I also meet her husband Phillip and we bond over the fact that we are two good looking bald IT guys. 🙂

Sherwin and Roushelle are also having a good time.

The entire gang

Time to celebrate…

And people watch from our prime real estate location.

After a long of catching up with Katie, I say my goodbyes to both of them (Katie & Phillip) and we (Sherwin, Roushelle and I) head over for some local treats at Ken’s Donuts, and then drive back home.

Today was a good day. I had great pour over coffee in Austin, had wonderful Indian food at Sherwin’s home and I had a fantastic day reuniting with Sherwin, Andrew and Katie and meeting their spouses Roushelle, Cathie, and Phillip. What a long and exciting day!!!

Thank you Sherwin and Roushelle for hosting, the wonderful Indian food and spending time with me in downtown Austin. Thank you Andrew and Cathie for a fun Halloween party. It was lovely watching the kids, and you both trick and treating, and meeting your friends. And thank you Katie and Phillip for meeting up with me downtown and for the beverages. Great times reconnecting and catching up with you Katie.

I just wish Ken’s donuts didn’t run out of those Indian samosas.

Expenses: $44.52
Gas: $30.02
Beverages: $14.50 (Buffalo Billiards)