Travel Date: Friday, Oct 31 2014
I got up around the time Rama had to leave for work. I thanked him for his generosity and left to the Pearl area
Stacy and he suggested that I check out Local Coffee so I did.

I walked in and the place was bustling with people.

Ordered my pour over coffee and I received it with what looked like a large mason jar with a leather jacked. Wow. The coffee was not only good but the presentation better. This may have been one of the best coffee experiences I have had on my trip so far.

Time to catch up on the facebook and other stuff.

After getting my fill of caffeine I walked across the street.

And to another place Stacy recommended: Bakery Lorraine.

This place was also bustling with people.

And so many options to choose from.

It it Halloween today, which explains the jester outfit by the staff – although that would be kind of cool if they wore outfits 365 days out of the year.

That’s what I got. Don’t really know what it is called. But when I saw it, it was destined for my belly … and boy was it good!

After the quick treat I headed back to the car. It was time to drive to Austin, Texas and visit a high school friend that I hadn’t seen since 2001.

The quiet time this morning in San Antonio was good. I really enjoyed the Local Coffee experience and was quite amused with the mason jar. There were two young adults wearing casual clothes sitting infront of me and talking to a really tall man dressed in a suit. It appeared to be one of those lawyer conversations consulting on a future business opportunity. So instead of blogging, I decided to appreciate the moment and eavesdrop on the conversation as best as I could. Quite entertaining.

San Antonio is a nice city, however I cannot see myself living here. Looking forward to seeing and experiencing Austin.

Expenses: $8.52
Coffee: $3.52 (Local Coffee)
Dessert: $5.00 (Bakery Lorraine)