Travel Date: Saturday, Nov 1 2014
Got up in the morning and Sherwin is cooking breakfast.

Oh my those look really good.

Time for breakfast with Sherwin and Roushelle.

Nom nom nom…

My favorite part – Nutella with croissants.

After breakfast we wander around Austin and the surrounding area.

We head over to the Texas State Capitol building.

It is rumored that the Texas State Capitol building is taller that the Nations Capitol building, and yes it is true. However Louisiana’s State Capitol is the tallest.

We walk inside.

The dome looks great!

Panoramic view length wise.

We walk up to the dome and peek down.

And then leave the Capitol building to see the Confederate Memorial.

We return to the car and park nearby downtown near the Driskell Hotel.

The historical marker.

We go inside for a peek. 
Very elegant.

The view outside.

I didn’t know it, but this weekend was also the US F1 race in Austin. So there was a couple of streets blocked off for Formula 1 Racing promotion.

This used to look like the Ferrari car that I was accustomed to see Michael Schumacher drive.

Walking around we even noticed an Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture booth. Sherwin, I and Roushelle began reminiscing our time in the United Arab Emirates.

We continued walking till we go to the river and then turned around and headed back to the car.

Sherwin and Roushelle had to get some groceries, and I needed to meet up with my friend Rebekah who was working at Starbucks. Rebekah and I knew met each other through one of John Park’s events in Roanoke. She used to live there and then moved to Austin. Lucky her. We’ve hung out over the years and run into each other at various social events.

I walk in and she immediately recognizes me and give me one big tight hug.

When she gets a break we catch up on each others lives and from where we last left off.

I couldn’t stay with Rebekah long, but it was nice to see her while I was in town. Sherwin and Roushelle were done with grocery shopping so I get back in their car and we head down for some ‘Texas barbecue’ at Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q!

There is a line … which is always a good sign.

There is even a TV showing how they cut the beef. Yes, Texas barbecue = beef not pork.

I get to the front of the line.

Sherwin tells me to inform them that I’ve never been here before, so I do. What ensues next is that there is a public service announcement informing everyone about my first time here and then get a obnoxiously loud and welcoming greeting from the staff.

My server Joe gives me great service.

I get to try out various samples and decide what I want.

Finally we order and get our food.

And it is time to munch down.

After dinner it is time to wash my hands in an automatic hand-washer. Crazy contraption.

We drive over back to Austin near the downtown area but before the bridge.

Walk around and window shop.

As the evening progresses I want to go to see the bats fly away from under the Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk.

I get to the bridge.

And there are people already waiting.

I walk down and sit among them.

Daylight slowly begins to fade away and the crowd grows stronger.

This video is blurry and dark. The bats are flying and you and see them with the naked eye. It is hard to notice it on the iPhone video.

When we get home Sherwin impressed me with a delicious home made Shawarma.

OMG that was delicious.

Later in the evening I venture out and hit the streets of Austin alone. This time I plan to be on the East side of 6th Street and Congress where the young professionals hang out.

My Sigma Nu friend Andrew gives me suggestions of bars to visit that I would like. I walk into Kung Fu Saloon.

Turns out the night was quite the adventure with a crazy story. I live for the story.

I have to thank my homeboy Sherwin and Roushelle for their amazing hospitality showing me around the various parts of Austin, spending their entire day with me, cooking me brunch, taking me out dinner at a Texas barbecue and making a delicious shawarma. My mouth is salivating just thinking about the shawarma now.

Seeing the Texas State Capitol was neat. I have seen a few Capitol buildings on my trip and so the effect was not as impressive as it would be for seeing one for the first time. With that said it was still a very impressive building. I enjoyed the Driskell Hotel and Formula 1 exhibition more because they were unique to the area. Rudy’s BBQ was delicious and watching the bats was entertaining and I think seeing it once is enough – just to say you’ve been there and done that.

It was great to see Rebekah. Such a lively spirit. Will miss you girl unless of course I end up in Austin.

Tomorrow I leave for Houston to see another few friends. My time in Austin has grown short. There is still much to explore in the city but my travels are calling me elsewhere. So Austin, until we meet again, Au Revoir!

Expenses: $8.00
Parking: $1.00
Beverages: $8.00 (Kung Fu Saloon)