Travel Date: Sunday, Nov 2 2014
Every man’s dream is to wake up to the smell of bacon! *Every carnivorous man. 🙂

Oh yes this is perfect.

Have a great breakfast with Sherwin and Roushelle.

And then it is time for me to leave to Houston. I say goodbye to Sherwin and Roushelle. They have been amazing hosts during my time in Austin.

And I make the drive to Houston, where I meet up with my friend Ashley and her husband Brendan. I’ve known Ashley through her mom Mary whom I used to work with at Sigma Nu. It was through that connection that I met Ashley and we became good friends really quickly while she was in Lexington.

After meeting up with Ashley we went for a walk with her dogs around the Old 6th Ward in the Historic District.

Walked by the public school where they were hosting a festival: 2014 Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

There was some art work on display including the Virgin Mary made with beer cans. Quite impressive.

Everyone else is in a festival mood.

We continue to walk through the Greenways and see the downtown area in the distance.

And walk through the sunset.

Oh look the moon over the downtown area.

When we return back, everyone is ready for dinner. We go to one of Brendan’s favorite restaurants which serves Pakistani food: Himalaya Restaurant. Ashley has warned me that the food in Houston at ethnic restaurants is amazing and this restaurant is really really good.

Ordering is tough since there are so many good options to choose from.

But finally we settle on some choices including samosas as an appetizer.

A LOT OF BEEF … and it is quite rich.

I think that was mutton.

Some naan

And chicken.

It really was a lot of food. We were quite stuffed at the end of the night and had plenty of left overs for the next few days. But Ashley lived up to her Houston comment …. the food was really really good!

After we get home, we lounge about for a bit and then food coma sets in for me and the dogs. And soon after it is time for bed.

Again thank you Sherwin and Roushelle for the amazing and generous hospitality. Sherwin nothing gets me up like the smell of bacon in the morning. Take that back – almost nothing :-).

It was really great to see Ashley and Brendan. Walking around the sixth ward neighboorhood and the greenways was great especially during the sunset. The icing on the cake was the Pakistani food. Thank you Brendan and Ashley was the generous dinner treat. It truly was authentic and delicious. Something I wasn’t used to seeing though were the few Latinos working at the restaurant. Usually it is full of South Asians. But it was a nice twist. Food was exceptional.

Ashley is correct, Houston is great for authentic ethnic food. Can’t wait to eat more!

Late Lunch: $6.06 (Burger King)