Travel Date: Tuesday, Nov 4 2014
I got up late and just lounged around. Again I didn’t feel like doing anything touristy so I decided around lunch time I would go to China town and try some authentic Chinese food at a place that Ashley recommended: Crawfish & Noodles. Unfortunately it was closed on Tuesdays.

So I took the other suggestion that Ashley recommended: Shanghai Restaurant. And drove to that strip mall.

The first thing I noticed when I drove into the parking lot was that there was a Houston Police Department at the corner of the strip mall. It made me chuckle.

There it is. And it is open!

I walk in and everyone is Chinese. The lady seating me doesn’t speak English so I definitely know I came to the right place.

I have to wait a while for the one server who does speak English and I order the mixed vegetable with fish sauce. My server warns me that it is going to smell bad but taste good. I smile and tell her “I’m ready. Bring it on!” I definitely came to the right place.

It was very smelly and very good – as she warned.

After leaving the Chinese restaurant I drove over towards Kingwood, Texas. Along the way there I had time to spare so I decided to go watch a movie Fury at an AMC Theater. I then headed over to my dear friend and die-hard Sigma Nu volunteer Chris’ home.

Chris has been talking my ear off over the past 6 months (maybe more) about how good his wife’s cannelloni is and after talking to a few consultants who have visited him, they all concur that is it beyond good. So I have been dying to try it for about 6 months (or longer) now.

So I get to his house and give him a warm hug. Very excited to see him and spend time with him and his family.

He shows me his Nascar memorabilia. At this point I don’t know if he is more passionate about Sigma Nu or Nascar. Or maybe it is a tie. 
One of my most memorable moments of Chris and Sigma Nu was when he recited the Long Creed of Sigma Nu at the 2014 College of Chapters. It was sincere, moving, and emotional for every Sigma Nu watching. 
He tells me the story of Joe Cannon inspiring him to learn the long Creed version and shows me the long version of the Creed on the wall that he used.
Meanwhile, Amy is in the kitchen prepping up for dinner. She is a sweetheart and very welcoming. It was great to meet her at the Nashville Grand Chapter and now see her again.

And then later she whips out the cannelloni. My mouth is watering just looking at it now.

I get my serving portion and yes my salad.

We all sit down.

And I am ready to DIG IN. It was quite the amazing experience. So good that I had to go for seconds. I found a way to make room for it.

After dinner, Chris, Amy and I lounge in the living room, eating cookies and catch up on our lives, my travels and everything Sigma Nu.

And around bed time I head out back to Ashley’s.


Going to the Chinese restaurant was an excellent idea. I wish the Crawfish & Noodle place was open, but the experience I had at Shanghai Chinese was really good too. Good and smelly. 🙂

Seeing Chris was awesome. I always have a great time hanging out with him and his passion for Sigma Nu is quite infectious. Seeing Amy again was great. She is wonderful and very loyal and support of everything Sigma Nu. And did I mention the cannelloni she made was out of this world. I caught myself taking pictures and texting it to past Sigma Nu Leadership Consultants I knew asking them to guess where I was. They knew instantaneously.

Such a good time at Chris house. Such a good time. Thank you guys for the amazing hospitality. And the cookie bag for the road. I cannot wait to dig in… although secretly I wish I could take the cannelloni with me – but I know it would spoil on the next days drive.

Thank you Ashley and Brendan for generously hosting me while I was in Houston. Thank you Ashley for all the recommendations and showing me around various places and giving me many options of places to visit and restaurants to eat at. I completely concur with your assessment… Houston is an amazing to get authentic ethnic food.

Lunch: $15.00 (Shanghai)
Movies: $8.50 (AMC)
Gas: $28.33 (Exxon)